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Marvel Zombies: Fan Made Trailer

Well guys and girls with Halloween quickly approching a fan made trailer has come from Alex Luthor. Marvel Zombies is a well crafted trailer for the Halloween season. Splicing together clips from different films, World War Z, Avengers, The Walking Dead and I Am Legend.  Based on the comic from Marvel, Marvel Zombies was a five part limited issues. Published between December 2005 to April 2006.

Written by Robert Kirkman with art by Sean Phillips. Set in a alternate universe where the earth’s superhero’s have been infected with a virus which turns them into zombies.

Source: Blastr, Alex Luthor

Comic Review: Lesbian Zombies From Outerspace

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 9.13.45 AMLesbian Zombies From Outerspace #1 of 7

Publisher: Big Things Production

Writer: Jave Galt-Miller

Artist: Wayne A. Brown

Color: Raymond “Monds” Agustin

Letterer: Shawn Depasquale

The Zombie craze has been going on for a few years and people are trying to come up with a different take on the genre. Here is one that is out of left field.

Lesbian Zombies from Outerspace is that different take. Taking two things that guys love (also some woman) Jave Galt-Miller has mixed these two things into a humorous story that gives the reader a feel of a 1950’s drive in movie. You really have to not take this book seriously. It is meant to be a fun ride. The dialogue is adult with some nudity but nothing explicit.

Ace the lead in our story works in a video store that is going out of business. Ace is more concerned with watching the porn then working.  On this day Ace gets a call from his best friend saying that he has finally talk his girlfriend into a 3-way.  The story then moves onto a couple of lesbian out in a field playing when a meteoroid crashes to earth. They of course have to investigate and find a woman in the crater.

Ace has convince this friend, Ellis to let him film that 3-way and from here is when the zombie part of the book really starts.  Lets just say if you are a man hang on to your sausage.

The zombie event here from a out side threat then one created by man. The woman are not dead but transformed into man eaters. Maybe feminism gone extreme?

Jave writes a very easy to read story here. The dialogue at times feels real then jumps to the B-movie feel.  The art my Wayne A. Brown is sometimes a little clunky but also spot on as in the panel where Ace is begging his friend Ellis to let him video tape the action.  How many of use would do that? Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.44.05 AM

I don’t what to give to much away of this book. If I did then no reason for you to read it , right?

Overall I did have fun reading this book. To me that is a big plus. So many books today are to serious and we need a book to be just fun to read.

So in the end I give Lesbian Zombies from Outerspace 3.75 pops out of 5.

You can purchase this book on Comixology, Also go to www.lesbianzombies.com. Also is you want there is a R-Rated variant cover at Ebay.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.


John G M Burke


Comic Review: Under The Flesh #2

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 6.58.21 PMUnder The Flesh #2

Publisher: Escape Comics

Created & Written by G. Deltres

Illustrated & Lettered by J. L. Giles

I was lucky to get a copy of Under The Flesh #1 a while back from the team of G. Deltres and J. L. Giles and I really enjoyed the book. I am happy to say that once again I was fortunate to get a copy of book #2 and thank you guys.

The guys are back on Kickstarter and looking for help to get book #2 published. This is one book that I am happy to help and give my money to.

Book #2 picks ups just after Ruben’s girlfriend, Dinah runs off after a fit of jealousy. Ruben is determined to go after her and to make sure he does not lose his machete he tapes it to his hand. Hey a smart idea if don’t need to grab things with do hands! A some what humorous moment Ruben stops to confess to a zombie priest. Forgive me father for bashing your skull in.

Along the way to find Dinah, Ruben comes across a group of zombies. They tear at his flesh but with help of the nanites in his system he heals at a amazing rate. To quote Ruben, Hooah!  During his battle with the group Ruben comes to realize the this group is different. They have not turned into your normal walking dead. If you know anything  of the movie,  28 Days Later then have a idea of what they have become. More crazed killing machines then zombies.

Using his machete like a Jedi Master with a light sabre, Ruben slices and dices his way thru the horde until for some reason they stop and leave. At this point we see a small group of men on a roof top, watching. What be up with that?

Once again the team of  G. Deltres and J. L. Giles have crafted a good read here.  You can see that Deltres is a fan of zombies in all their in carnations. You can see so many he has pulled from to created this adventure. The mix makes for a very exciting read. The art work by Giles works so well with this type of book. The art is not clean and crisp as you would see in many of the main stream books from DC and Marvel and it works oh so well here. It makes the feel of the dark and dirty world work so much better.

I there more going on in this book, hell yeah. But I would spoil it for you if I told you all of it. I recommend you find book 1 of this (hopefully) series. It is a good read and if you like it be sure to check out the Kickstarter page. You can find a link to it on the main page of this blog.

So in the end I give Under The Flesh #2 4.5 out of 5 pops.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.


Comic Review: Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 8.38.42 PM Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse

Published by Zenescope Entertainment

Story byRalph Tedesco, Joe Brusha

Art by David Lorenzo Riveiro

Colors by Jorge Alberto Cortes

Letters by Jim Campbell

So what happens when the zombie apocalypse hits La La land. Well you get a bunch of self absorbed Hollywood actors that can not tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Remember the movie This Is The End that was about a group of actors and the end of the world. This book takes that same premise and adds those lovable flesh eating machines, Zombies.

Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse is a fun and humorous look at some of your favorite Hollywood actors and shows you how they would react or in some cases die in a real Zombie Apocalypse. The story centers around Michael May an actor that gets his big break in a new superhero blockbuster along with some A list actors. Some of these actors you will know right away because artist David Lorenzo Riveiro does a great job of capturing their likeness. My favorite part of the book is when a snot nose little pop star is eaten by a group of Zombies. That scene in the book made me smile with joy. Micheal along with his laze about, pot smoking best friend end up the leaders of this group of costume wearing out of touched actors.

Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse is book one of a two part mini-series. I am looking forward to reading part 2 when it comes out. If you looking for a book to make you giggle. A change from the long list of books that takes themselves to serious then read this book. It is a nice switch and it will at least make you smile.

I give this book a 3 out of 5 pops.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.


John G M Burke

Ep 26 Rubberbands and Vaseline

Ep 26 Rubberbands and Vaseline

Hey you all. Welcome to Ep 26 and there is some much news from the geek world that you will poop your pants. Edgar Wright’s new movie. Kevine Fiege talks about Ant Man. Archer and season 6. Star Trek and Planet of the Apes crossover? Guardians of the Galaxy getting great reviews. Robin Williams wanted to be in ANY Batman movie. Moffat says the number don’t mean anything. Quicky news and comic reviews. Dam there be some much you have to listen.



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Comic Review: Under The Flesh

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 9.32.43 PM UNDER THE FLESH #1

Publisher: Escape Comics

Created and written by Greg Deltres

Illustrated and lettered by J. L. Giles-Rivera

Under The Flesh Press release:

“A gritty blast of sex, horror, sci-fi, and dabbling in various sub-themes like evolution, spirituality, and transhumanism. A zombie apocalypse comic that strays away from the traditional viral story by accentuating a premeditated reason behind the virus, as opposed to leaving the origin of the outbreak as a common question mark.”


Under the Flesh is a combination of Y-The Last Man, The Walking Dead, Bloodshot, Resident Evil, I Am Legend and the whole zombie apocalypse rolled into one.  Set in a world where a unknown pathogen is set free and it spread around the world in just hours.  The pathogen in no time begins attach the males turning them into flesh eating machines. A few men have survived but they are far and few between.

In the first book we meet our protagonist, Lt Ruben Lobos whom was at the time of the outbreak was being injected with nanobots in a experiment to created super soldiers(Captain America,Bloodshot). Unfortunately for him the scientist that were doing the experiment turn and he is now the only one. Lobos is hot head and is wanting to but his new improved self into battle. Lobos races back to town to get his girl friend and the both end up at the local library where they team up with woman survivors lead by a cop, Naomi. The woman are calming factor as well as the brains. Lobos wants to jump to action where the woman want to be cautious and not rush head first into the unknown.

Greg Deltres does a find job of getting the reader up to pace with what is happening. The action moves along quickly and does not seem to slow down. You are quickly introduced to the other characters  with enough detail to be interested in what they will play later on. This book has the feel and look of a zombie action movie, high on action. Like The Walking Dead the real danger is the remain humans and surviving them, not the zombies.

J. L. Giles-Rivera act style is great but at times I can see a little influence of Japanese anime. I not sure if this part of his style or just me seeing something that was unintentional. Giles-Rivera art is well suited for this type of action. The art is always seem to be in the act of motion, not wooded and stiff. Through out most of the book it is dark with the edges of panels shaded in to give you the feeling that death hangs in the air.

Over all this is very good book and well worth a look. If you want to give them a hand over at Kickstarter go over there and see what they have to offer. But don’t do it for the goodies. This book is another one of the fine books being created by small independent writers, artist and publisher.

So in the end I give Under The Flesh 4 Pops out of 5. I hope the fellows find the funds because if be a shame to see this book fade away while much lesser books find a audience.

Remember comics are meant to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.