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Movie Monday: Miles

Hey It’s Movie Monday

Well how you all doing?

Today’s short film is actually a test. It is a proof-of-concept film to show the blurring of humanity and technology. The movie set against the back drop of a teenage world of off-roading. To help create a more authentic look the filmmakers embedded themselves in with a group of real motocross athletes along with real actors.

A Update to this short. The writer/director of this concept short, Oliver Daly was signed by WME. The agency will package the short for transition into a feature film.


You can find out more about the film at crainesystems.com

Source: Vimeo, Deadline.

Movie Monday: SYNC

Hey Poppers

Today’s short film is SYNC. SYNC was written and direct by Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull. Follow the link to his IMDb page you can see the man has a long list of production he has worked on. This is a nice looking film and show again man growing dependence on technology for both good and bad.

Every 15 seconds, a computer, network, or mobile device is hacked by cyber-terrorists. To combat this problem, Syntek Industries has manufactured data couriers designed from advanced machine robotics. These couriers are known as SYNCS. Syncs are programmed to securely deliver data packages without interruption.

Source: GeekTyrant, Vimeo