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Up For Another Wolverine Movie?

The-Wolverine-Superhero-Wallpaper Well boys and girls if you still love Wolverine and hoping for another movie you may get your wish. New from Deadline website is that Twentieth Century Fox have started negotiations with  James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman. The domestic performance of the last Wolverine movie did not do that well. The movie did do well over seas and with the combine total of 413 million Fox has decide that another maybe worth undertaking. That is enough money to make “The Wolverine” movie the second highest grossing X-Men film. So there.

Oh course I have heard many who said that it is time to either put the series to rest or get someone else to play Wolverine. HOW DARE YOU!!

Yes the movies have not been that great but they are still making money and I will still spend the cash to see it. Once they stop making money that will be the end. I am sure that soon after all the nerd boys and girls will be screaming “Why did they stop making superhero movies”. Stop your crying you nerds. Just sit back and have a fun time. Gee. Of course the ones that are tired of seeing Hugh Jackman, man your are quick to kick the man of the hill and crown a new Wolverine. Jackman is and will be the person people will see and be the one and only Wolverine. I am one of them. But if and or when he is replace I am sure that the nerds, geek and fandom boys and girls will spit on new guy just as quickly. We love to shoot down people that we praise just as quickly as we declare our love for that actor or actress.

Sorry for the rant.

But as of now one site has reported that it is a done deal. Well until I see another report saying that I am going with they are just in negotiations.

Soure: Deadline


Movie Review: The Wolverine

the_wolverine_digital_exclusiveA few hours ago I visited my local theater to see “The Wolverine” and I was not disappointed at all. The movie is superior to the  2009 “X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I like that movie but “The Wolverine” just told a better story and the acting was so much better. Hugh Jackman has to act more in this film and shows it. The cast of supporting actors are also great. Tao Okamoto as Mariko, Rila Fukushima as Yokio, Hiroyuki Sanada as Shingen and Svelana Khodchenkova as Viper are all good.

Now I guess you like to know some of the story. Ok here’s a little of it.

Wolverine is now camping out in the woods hiding away trying to run away from who he trully is, a soldier. The death of Jean Grey, seen in his dreams portrayed once again by Framke Janssen still haunts him. Back in WW2 while a prisoner at a Japanese prisoner camp on the out skirts of Hiroshima Logan saves a Japanese soldier from the nuclear bomb dropped on that city. Many years later that same solider sends Mariko to find Logan to say thank you for saving his live.

Well that ain’t all???

The soilder, ( Hal Yamanouchi) offers Logan a chance at a natural death in return for his healling powers. Well Logan refuses and from there the story starts to move along.  Ok here’s where I don’t tell you anymore. Well except that the action sequences are good but I am sure that for any young male out there they may find there is not enough. I enjoyed hearing the character talk more that saying a few lines and then the shit hits the fan.

So if you were hoping that I tell you more about the story well to bad. You need to be a little surprised by some of the movie. Oh make sure you stay put at the end. Like many of the Marvel movies there is a little something at the end well worth sticking around for.

So in the end is “The Wolverine” worth you money, hell yeah. I think you will enjoy it.

I give “The Wolverine” 4 claws out of 5.