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Movie Monday: Arene

When a young woman finds herself captured on board a military aircraft. The soldiers don’t think much of her, until their commander confirms her identity and all hell breaks loose. Produced by the talented Stoyan Yankov and Directed by talented Henrik B. Clausen! See the details below for more info…

A Sci-Fi short film by
Henrik B. Clausen and 3D College Grenaa

For more information on the film go to The CGBros on YouTube

Source: The CGBros

Movie Monday: Vengeance

Hey Gang

So I have not come across to many short films that left me with the feeling of what is the point of the film. I am sad to say that I have found one that I have no idea the reason behind the film.

Vengeance look promising but as I watch it I could not figure out the reason behind it. You find out lead chained down in a desert. Why? You don’t ever find out the reason. Why do the aliens have him there? Why is the man so important?

The effects are good and maybe this short was only meant to be a test for another project. Overall I found this one really had nothing for me to find any interest or concern for the lead.

But you may feel different. So take a look. Tell me what are your thoughts on this short film.

Source: YouTube, The CGBros