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Movie Monday: Apocalypse Now Now

Based on the novel written by Charlie Human this short film is a proof of concept from Micheal Matthews.

Baxter Zevcenko’s life is pretty sweet. He’s making a name for himself as the kingpin of his smut-peddling high-school syndicate, the other gangs are staying out of his business, and he’s dating the girl of his dreams, Esme.

But when Esme gets kidnapped, things start to get seriously weird, and the only man drunk enough to help is a bearded, booze-soaked, supernatural bounty hunter that goes by the name of Jackson ‘Jackie’ Ronin.

Plunged into the increasingly bizarre landscape of Cape Town’s supernatural underworld, Baxter and Ronin team up to save Esme. On a journey that takes them through the realms of impossibility, they must face every conceivable nightmare to get her back, including the odd brush with the Apocalypse.

Source: Google Books

Does this not look like a fucked up Ghostbuster with a  fucked up Harry Potter thrown into the pot. Dam I loved this short.  The latest I have about this short and going forward is from an article written by Andrew Liptak for The Verge on Aug 31, 2017

of Aug 31, 2017.

An Canadian company optioned the Charlie Human’s urban-fantasy novel with District 9 writer Terri Tatchell to adapt it for the screen. Click on the link for more info.

Dam does this not look interesting. Hell at least it be something different from the consent super-hero movies.

Supernatural S12 Trailer

I have been a fan of Supernatural from the start. I started a little behind the first season but once I started I got hooked. Like many of you one of the main reason for staying with the show this long is not the creature of the week. It is the relationship between Sam and Dean.

Don’t get me wrong I love the creature of the week also. The story arcs that have come and gone are fantastic. Sam born to become the vessel of Lucifer. Stopping the end of the world. God having a sister…..what???? Come on this is some fun TV.

Well the boys are back for season 12 and coming to play with the Sam and Dean is Rick Springfield as the Devil.  Yup you read the right. Should be fun. In the trailer I first thought is was Alice Cooper. The CW released a extended trailer to give us fana a look at all excitement to come.

Me so happy!!!!

Source: YouTube, CW

Comic Review: Vampire Emmy and the Garbage Girl

VAMPIRE-EMMY-AND-THE-GARBAGE-GIRL_Page_1Publisher: Margins Publishing

Creative Team: Pat Shand and Roberta Ingranta

Letters: Jim Campbell

Cover Colors: Jen Hickman




The creative team behind the successful comic Robyn Hood from Zenescope Entertainment, Pat Shand and Roberta Ingranata have collaborated on a black and white one shot, VAMPIRE EMMY AND THE GARBAGE GIRL.

Emmy is a laid back Netflix and chill kind of Vampire. Happy to just lay back and spend her day watching TV and eating her bloody chess fries. That all changes one day when Emmy forgets to get her garbage out and meets the new garbage person. Love at first site. Except for one problem, the new garbage person is human. Maybe?

Emmy has a small problem with human relationships. They don’t last. The problem is they don’t  understand Emmy’s special needs(no garlic in the pasta) or Emmy out living them.

VAMPIRE EMMY AND THE GARAGE GIRL is a love story.  A love story between two different people but who are also the same.  Emmy and Annabelle have the same problems as any normal romance. How does one introduce one self? The award attempt of introduction. Specially  when a raccoon keeps stealing them from the garbage can.

Once again Pat Shand writing makes his books fun to read and down to earth. Pat has a way with dialogue that no matter who is talking, vampire, ghost, ghoul or were…….. it is normal and down to earth. The way people talk everyday. This story is between to woman but Pat has been able to tell their story without hitting you on the head that it is a story of two woman.  This is a story of courtship, taking those first steps and how they effect everyone. Straight, gay, black, white and even the living dead and a were ………?

Roberta Ingranata works gets better every time I see it. I have to say the choice of doing this book in black and white is the right choice. I feel that if done in color the book may have lost some of it’s appeal. The black and white really helps Roberta’s work shine.  Especially on page 11, panel 5. The sun light flaring against Annabelle’s face. Then the contrast of Emmy shinning through the shadows. Great stuff.

VAMPIRE EMMY AND THE GARBAGE GIRL will debut at Heroes Con on Friday, June 17th and be online in early June (date TBA). Readers who want to learn more about the book and get updates as launch approaches can follow along at www.marginspublishing.com. You can also pre-order if you wish to do so.

Give VAMPIRE EMMY AND THE GARBAGE GIRL a shot. You won’t regret it.

TPCC Presents: Supernatural S1 Ep1

 Hey all. So since I do not have the cash to spend on a different podcast I have decided to do off shots of my main podcasts. So this is the first one. It one that is not a Pop Culture Cafe podcasts will begin with TPCC Presents then followed by what I am presenting this podcasts.

So this first one is my daughter and I talking about a show that we love, Supernatural. I hope that we will be able to carry on with this but with my daughter being an 18yr old girl that may change. So I hope this first one. I did. Nice time for me and my daughter.


Check out this episode!

Calgary Expo 2013

It has been a week or so since my return form this years Calgary Expo and my mind is overload with trying to remember it all.So to the best of my ability I will try and tell you my experience at this years Calgary Expo.

Day 1

My band of merry nerds arrived for the opening day and from the start I could tell that the event organizes had learn a lot from last year. I also think that they also learn from the Edmonton show that they had  put on six months earlier. The parking for the event was already packed and we had a little walk to get your badges. The line up to get your badges moved along nicely from outside the door to the line up to get you wrist band. After getting our goody bag we finally made our way back out to where you would enter into the BMO hall ABC. The massive line up we had seen earlier to enter the hall was gone. Entering into the main area of the expo was easy and plenty of volunteers all knowing ahead of time what the plan was made things move smooth. Like my first visit to the show last year once I entered into halls ABC it was a feeling of excitement and where the hell do I go. I explained to my band of nerds earlier that I like to walk the floor the first day. See all the art and tables and booths to see what each one had to offer and make a plan of attack for the next day. So after walking the floor and seeing all we could see we called it a night and returned our hotel room for some much need rest and prepare the Day 2.

2013-04-26 14.09.122013-04-26 16.35.35Day 2

Day 2 was a little different then Day 1 only being that I had to wait in the very long line to get into the BMO. Once the doors open thou the line up moved along quickly and we were in a very short time. The only problem about the line up was that if you had plans to get in to see a panel or get a autograph or had a photo op planned you may have missed it. So the organizers of the Expo may wish to rethink this and move the time back on some of the beginning events to a little later. Saturday  was packed with more people. Well it felt that way to me. The area was filled with cosplay characters all being asked for photos and more than happy to agree to have their photo taken. X-23, Wolverine, Steampunk, Superman, Batman, Galactus, Ninja Turtles, Rogue, X-Men, Doctor Who and so many more that I saw and missed. There were a few tables selling the old gaming systems like Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Genesis game systems and the games they played were for sale a booths just selling them and others hoping to cash in the nostalgia.  Old gaming systems are a big hit with the older collector going back to play the game of their youth.  If you were only going to hope and get some  back issues of your favorite comic books well you may be a little disappointed. There were booths selling books but not that many and you had to be willing to spend some time going through the boxes. Some of the vendors did have they books in order but many you had to just find your way through them to get what you wanted. A couple of the vendor were more that willing and happy help you find what you were looking for. Luckily for me I was just looking for a few I needed.  I did get my autographs I wanted except for Nathan Fillion, man he was a popular dude. I tried 3 time to get his autograph but it time was packed.  Getting in to see a panel was much better organized also. The entrance to Corral now was enter only unlike last year were you entered and exited from the same spot. SO much easier. I was able to take in a panel or two. Overall Day 2 was great. No major problems compared to last year and getting out and back in was not problem at all.

2013-04-27 14.05.272013-04-26 13.59.58

Day 3

Holy crap standing in that line for Sundays show was f’n cold. If there had been a freak snow storm things would of gotten ugly. Getting ingain was easy and quick, once the doors were open. Sunday was the day to get your art, check out the independent artist and top comic artists that were attending the show. This year they had top notch artist attending. Adam Hughes, Adam Warren, Arthur Suydam, Alan Grant, Adi Granov, Erik Larsen, Neal Adams, Josh Adams and so many more. Oh I can not forget the man himself, Stan Lee. Publishers attending were, Avatar Press, Boom Studios/Kaboom, Rue Morgue, Topatoco, Aspen comics, Red 5 Comics, Top Cow and Zenescope. Now honestly I can not remember how many Publisher attended last years but as the show grow more and more should be attending. Maybe Marvel, DC or Valiant will make the trip up.  I got my Savage Dragon #1 signed by Erik Larsen which was way cool. I did notice that Erik Larsen has a very different way of holding his pen when inking that was strange to me. But I am not complaining about it just it is neat to see how can make magic with their hands.  I also got a nice Harley Quinn  picture signed by Neal Adams. Again the show was packed and it was good to see. I missed the Nathan Fillion panel and I was pissed to be honest. Early in the year the Calgary Expo was twiting  asking who they should get and I suggested Mr Fillion. So not getting his autograph or seeing his panel was the real big pisser for me.

So in conclusion and if you still reading this HOLY SHIT AND THANK YOU. The 2013 Calgary Expo was so much better organized then last year. Tickets sale were run better. The wrist bands was a great idea. Getting in and out of the BMO and other venues was so much better organized. Making the autograph are more open for people getting autographs and a are to get away from the crowd was a great idea. The eating area away from the main hall and autograph area was great also. Over all the organizers and volunteers and all  involved in these years Expo should be proud. Like any event not everyone was happy and things can be improved here and there. But the leaps and bounds made from 2012 were huge. The guest and media stars were great and the number of artists were awesome. My only disappointment, not getting to see Nathan Fillion and get his autograph. Yeah I know stop whining.

A side note I hope to post more cosplay later.


R.I.P.D.- Official Trailer

I for one have not heard a whole lot about this movie, R.I.P.D. Rest in Peace Department but the trailer sure looks fun.
The movie is about a recently deceased police officer Nick Walker played by Ryan Reynolds and his partner, Roy Pulsipher played by Jeff Bridges. They track down the deceased that have evaded judgement.
You will notice that this trailer looks and feels like a Men In Black movie. Is this good or bad for the movie? Depends if you just want to watch a movie and have fun or pick the shit out of it.
Take a look.


ImageHowdy all you nerd-pokes. So I picked up Fantastic Four #2 & #3 to find out how the next two issues may give me a idea of the direction the series maybe heading. So the feeling I got from reading these two issues is that this could be a good old adventure series. Now I talking about adventure in the lines of  something along a Indiana Jones in comic book form. Okay maybe not in the lines of a Indiana Jones movie but I hope you understand my meaning.  Matt Fraction’s writing is light and enjoyable with very little of the tech babble that you see in books and in TV shows these days. To me it seems that more books spend there time trying to show off how technical they can be then just writing a good story. Again like I wrote in my review of FF#1 I still am reminded of the old Lost in Space TV show from 1965–1968. Now that is not a bad thing because that show was good fun. I also can see a similar style to shows like Supernatural that has a core story that has a tread thru the series but it still has their creature of the week.  Both books are a good read and fun. Also the feeling of books written in the 70’s and 80’s. The good books written in the era. Mark Bagley art is still enjoyable to look at, smooth and pleasing to the eye. The ink work by Mark Farmer and Mark Morales really help the art pop out.

Overall the did like the new FF and hope that the writing and art can keep up. ImageI hope that the book will continue to be a good adventure book. If they can continue to have the creature of the month and Reed’s quest for a cure as the anchor thru the series I for one hope this has a good run.

So in the short hairs of the review was the FF #2 & #3 a fun read? Hell yeah and I may add it to my pull list. Only I have to remove one the list also to make room.

Remember comics are made to be enjoy, not destroyed.