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Hey Poppers

Welcome back. So I have the next installment of Lego Arrow done by Small Bear Films. The creator of these short films ask me if I would like to post another one of his films and of course I said yes. This time though I ask if he would be interested in doing a short interview to go along with the posting of his latest short,  Lego Arrow Vs The Dark Archer. So take a few minutes to read the interview and then enjoy his latest  short.

Hi So Paul tell me a little about yourself.

hi sorry it took so long to reply my internet didn’t work. a little about me I like making things and I also like superheros.

How old are you? What gave you the idea to do the Arrow short? Are these your first attempt at doing stop motion films?

I’m 20 these are my first attempts at doing stop motion I found some old Lego and decided to start collecting superhero Lego again but I wanted to do something with the Lego other than just display it so I customized a few figures and started making Lego arrow films.

What kind of equipment you using?

Just my hands and fine tip ink pens hand drawn on plain sticker sheets or paper for the custom figures and for the editing I just use windows movie maker I cant afford anything better.

So what gave you the idea to do your film. Something you just wanted to try? Always wanted to stop motion?

I like being creative I like to be a writer or director I watched Wallace and Gromit hence stop motion idea or Id like to write my own book.

How long did each short take you to do? Record, edit, music, subtitles?

It took a week to film 1st vid and a month to finish it the second film took 3 days to film and a few days to finish so I’m getting faster not as fast as the Flash but still good.

So are you a fan or the DC comics or just the the DC TV shows?

Both but I also plan to do a few marvel shorts as well. I got into dc more because of arrow and black canary.

Did you or are you still reading comics or did you?

Yes I still read comics but I cant really buy them that easily in great Britain so I only have a few mostly x men.

Oh so your a resident of Britain. Nice. So do you have you next short film planned out yet? Are you planning on getting some equipment to help with the stop motion or is that something you have not gave much thought to?

Yes I have written it and will start filming as soon as I can its a Lego justice league film and a twitter fan asked for a Lego bizarro film. That’s coming in the future when I can afford to buy some more editing software.

So you do a little writing now? If you so what are you writing about?

Superheros and knights most of the time i like historical stuff also.

Are they just short stories? If you ever want to write anything for a blog you can write for my blog if you like. But back to the interview.

I write short stories and I’m trying to write a book. I might take you up on that blog offer we can discuss that.

Have you ever thought about taking one of you stories or writing a short story and making it into a Lego movie?

Yeah a knight Lego vid is something i am thinking about.


Movie Monday: Transformers StopMotion Attack On Giant

Hey Poppers

Welcome back to another Movie Monday.

Today’s feature is Transformer stop motion, Attack On Giant. I came across this while I was checking my Feedly page and it was on the iO9 website. This stop motion film was created by Harris Loureiro from Malaysia. Harris does a great job doing this short and it show big time. I have not seen the newest Transformers movie but I think I may like this one more. It is amazing the work that can be done today with home computers. Harris adds some cool effects and attention to detail shows. You can see facial expressions on the Transformers if you look closely enough.

So come on and take 4:52 and watch this great little film.