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Sneaky Zebra: SDCC 2014 Cosplay Music Video‏

Hey Poppers

Well once again those guys from Sneaky Zebra have posted a great video of  SDCC Cosplayers. These guys, Gary Scullion and Nick Acott have been going around to different Con’s and making some really awesome video’s of what they are seeing on the floor. If you like their video’s go and subscribe on their YouTube page and like them on Facebook.

Movie Monday: London Super Comic Con (LSCC) 2014 – Cosplay Music Video

Hey Poppers

So welcome back to another Movie Monday except this time I thought I change thing up a little. Today i have a music video for you and it is from the people at Sneaky Zebra. Sneaky Zebra has there owe YouTube channel and if you click the link you find yourself at that page. I have posted some of their videos on my site before and so this time around I thought i post one here on Movie Monday. This video if from the London Super Comic Con 2014. They have a way of making their cosplay fun and entertaining and having the cosplayer have a fun time doing it. So take a look and if you enjoy go to their YouTube channel and enjoy more of their work.

Source:YouTube, Sneaky Zebra