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Apocalypse AI: Review

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Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski

Art: Sid Kotian

Color: Bill Farmer

Lettering: Troy Peteri

Alison Carter is a private dick or if you like a private detective even though dick seems to fit better. Alison has taken up the family business. The family business is saving the world from the constant threat of the world ending. Using guns, magic and a smart ass attitude to help her do her job.

We are introduced to Alison on one of her normal jobs, stopping a crazy from using a eater of worlds.  Using the seal of Balthasar to awake a world eater the crazy can use the seal to control the creature. Well Alison simply shoots the seal destroying it. Once the seal is destroyed the crazy loses control of the world eater and being pissed because it has been waken, eats the crazy. Done with snack time, the world eater goes back to sleep. You see the world eater comes out only when the end of the world actually happens, not before. So with a single shot problem solved.

ApocalypseAl-01-pg2So in those few pages you get a idea of Alison Carter and what her job details. Dealing with a world filled with monsters, demons, trolls, zombie detectives and just the crazies that inhabit this odd world.

J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, Twilight Zone,the Saturn Award, SFWA’s Ray Bradbury Award) has created a mystical world where the human race and magically world live together. In most cases I say not very well. I am reminded of Buffy when reading this except of a stake, it is a gun. Does Alison hid something behind all the smart ass remakes or could it be for a change this is just who she is. I like her character, a woman of strength and seems like a person that actually likes her job, maybe? Alison next job may be here biggest and I am not telling you who it is, get the dam book and find out.

The one thing you will notice is that there a 30 pages of story here without any ads. I did not notice until the end because I was having a great time reading this story.

Sid Kotian is credit with doing the line art for this book. Is that just a fancy why of say he was the artist? Well Sid does a great job and his art fits well with the story. Feeling free flowing and light as the story. At times there is a cartoonist look in one panel and in the next great detail.

So if you have not gotten out and got this book then get you ASS out there and get it. Again this is a short series which I am really beginning to enjoy more and more.

So in the end I give Apocalypse AI #1 4 1/2 pops out of 5.

John G M Burke

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