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Movie Monday: Closer

Hey Poppers

I have another fine independent short film for you and it is one fun and well done piece of film.

Luke and Sarah are out in the woods planning a nice night out under the stars. Luke is idea of great night is trying to get into Sarah’s pants. But not this night. Two unexpected guest will ruin their night. Luke is in for a surprise that will change his out look on his place in the universe.

This short film was directed by Angelo Licata and written by Angelo Licata, Roberto Pretti, Andrea Languasco,

I really enjoyed this short. It has some fantastic effects. Also the film at times does not take it self to serious. A proves that men are men no matter the situation.

Falling Skies Get Picked Up For A Fourth Season


TNT has renewed the DreamWorks Television series for a fourth season. The the epic drama produced by executive producer Steven Spielberg and stars Noah Wyle. The series follows the Mason family and their day to day struggle to survive after a alien invasion of earth. The show also stars Moon Bloodgood, Will Patton, Drew Roy, Connor Jessup, Maxim Knight, Seychelle Gabriel, Mpho Koaho, Colin Cunninghamand Sarah Carter.

The show has a respectful viewing audience of around 5.8 million for TNT and has showed strong numbers since it debut in 2011. A season is only 10 episode long but that helps create strong stories with out having to have those fill in episodes that some show suffer from.

The plans is to launch the 10 episode season 4 in 2014.

Source: Deadline Hollywood