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Cosplay Thursday

Hey folks and cosplay lovers welcome back to Cosplay Thursday and once again I got some great stuff for you. I hope you love it.

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Movie Monday: BATMAN: DEATH WISH (2012 Fan Film)

Hey Poppers and welcome again to Movie Monday.

So it is only a two days until Christmas so what better way to celebrate the season then watching a fan film of everyone’s favorite Santa helper, Batman.

This fan film released in 2012 was directed by Matthew Hiscox. Written by Jennifer Zhang and Produced by Matthew Hiscox and Jennifer Zhang.

I have to say that finding these fan films made by fans for the love of any characters is amazing. Yes production value is not top notch but put that aside and you will see some great films. Batman: Death Wish is one of those films. The costumes are great, yet I still can’t get over the nipples on the suits. Christopher L. Robinson is a pleasure to watch. Christopher looks and acts the most comfortable in the Robin suit and it show in his portray of The Boy Wonder.

So sit back and just have some fun.

Batman, Robin and Nightwing investigate a mysterious assailant who is targeting the kingpins of Gotham’s criminal underground. As more of the rogues gallery is ensnared, a disturbing revelation about the attacker’s identity takes shape.

Source: Youtube.

You can find out more at http://www.batmandeathwish.com/

Top 5 Graphic Novels: October 2013

Hey Poppers.

According to Diamond the top selling Graphic Novels for the month of October were 1. BATMAN HC VOL 03 DEATH OF THE FAMILY (N52), 2. AVENGERS ENDLESS WARTIME OGN HC, 3. JOKER DEATH OF THE FAMILY HC (N52) 4. BATMAN COURT OF OWLS BOOK & MASK SET (N52) 5. AVATAR LAST AIRBENDER TP VOL 06 SEARCH PART 3.

Batman HC Vol 03 Death Of The Family is the collection of the ark of the return of the Joker and his attempt to to attack the Batman’s psyche and destroy his relationship with his family. Written by Scott Snyder and art by Greg Capullo. In all DC has 3 in the top 5. You can find a whole list of 100 top sellers at Diamond Comics.


Source: Diamond Comic