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Cosplay Thursday

Hey Poppers

Welcome back to another exciting look at the world of Cosplay. Again I have found so hot, cute and down right great pieces of Cosplayers and their amazing work. So have a look. I am sure you will love it.

Source: Facebook Cosplay

EW: The Walking Dead Covers

EWCOVER-1269-Carl EWCOVER-1269-Daryl EWCOVER-1269This week at San Diego Comic-Con Entertainment Weekly showed off three different cover versions for the upcoming The Walking Dead season. The three covers show Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon and Carl Grimes. Of all the three covers the one that makes me think is the one of young Carl Grimes. Actor Chandler Riggs face shows that the maturing of young Carl is one person you do not want to fuck with. The world of the Walking Dead has eaten away at any childhood that Carl may have had and produce someone cold and not to be messed with.

Source: i09,Entertainment Weekly