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Ep 29 Matt Smith and Karen Gillan Calgary Expo

Welcome to Ep 29. This time around I have part 1 of a panel with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan from this years Calgary Expo. Also new on Dave Bautista redoing his contract and the importance of Drax in the up coming Guardians and Avengers movies. Walking Dead news, Married with Children. The 2014 Harvey awards and my rant on social media. So come on into the cafe and lets get our geek on.

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Ep 26 Rubberbands and Vaseline

Ep 26 Rubberbands and Vaseline

Hey you all. Welcome to Ep 26 and there is some much news from the geek world that you will poop your pants. Edgar Wright’s new movie. Kevine Fiege talks about Ant Man. Archer and season 6. Star Trek and Planet of the Apes crossover? Guardians of the Galaxy getting great reviews. Robin Williams wanted to be in ANY Batman movie. Moffat says the number don’t mean anything. Quicky news and comic reviews. Dam there be some much you have to listen.



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Ep 23 Resistance Is Futile

Hey Poppers

The next exciting episode of The Pop Culture Cafe’s Podcast is up and running. Just click on the link below to get directed over to Libsyn to have a listen. Hey if you like what your hearing you can subscribe at iTunes and on Stitcher.

So in I take about whispers of Netflix maybe trying to get CBS to let them play in the Star Trek Universe. The comic Rat Queens being made into an animated series. Bryan Singer may not be directing the next X-Men movie. DC may have an idea when the next series of films maybe released. Bill Finger getting some credit for Batman on a cover of Detective Comics #27. Cartoon actors reading from the Star Wars IV and a bunch of quicky news and comic review.

Show Notes for Ep 23, Click the links below to direct you to more about the stories I talked about.









Here is the video from May 2012 Emerald City Comic Con with some of your favorite voice actors ready from the Star Wars IV script.

Big Kids Playground Animated

Hey Poppers

One of my favorite Podcasts I listen to is Big Kids Playground. Paul and Dave give you a shit load of information on all kinds of pop culture stuff and a some great laughs. I had the pleasure of talking with Paul about comics on my podcast. Hopefully I can hook up the Dave one day to talk about British TV and films. If you should take a moment and download a episode I am sure you will come back for more.

Just recently Michael Murphy a friend of Dave created a great little animation for a recent episode and it is hilarious.

If you this great little piece check out more of Michael stuff at his YouTube page.