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The Music Store: Marilyn Manson – Tainted Love

I am not a die hard Marilyn Manson fan but I will give the man credit he does make some dam fine music at times. This interpretation of “Tainted Love” is dam good.


Source: YouTube, abdul190i


The Music Store: Exit303

I few podcasts ago Tristen Rodill came on the show to talk about the band he plays in, EXIT303. Well being a bit of dumb ass I forgot to post a video of one of their songs. So a little late but here it is.

Source: YouTube, EXIT303

The Music Store: Beastie Boys – Sabotage

I will admit that I was not a huge fan of Rap when it first arrived. I was a old school dude. I grew up in the 80’s listening to well to be honest, I can not remember. But lately I have open to all kinds of music. I like what I like and I I have come to appreciate The Beastie Boys. This one I really like.

Source: YouTube, Vevo, BeastieBoysVEVO