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Movie Monday: Lego Arrow and Black Canary Vs Deathstroke

Hey Poppers

Welcome back to another movie Monday and this time around I have a fan made Lego movie done by. Arrow and Black Canary vs Deathstroke was made by Paul Sayer from England.  This is a entertaining little short. Is the quality high, no but you have to give the man credit for having the balls to make this short. Paul did tell me that he plans on doing more so hopefully I will be able to highlight his work here.

So just sit back and enjoy this fan made Lego short film

Source: YouTube

Calgary Expo Cosplay

Hey Poppers

So how have you all been? This past weekend I was down in Calgary for their annual comic and entertain expo. Once again the people running the show did a fantastic job of all the event run smoothly. Of course you can not have a Expo about pop culture with out people dressing up in some great and imaginative cosplay costumes.  Over this coming month I will be posting photos taken by my photographer, Doug Read. Doug took some great and I have to say interesting photos. So I hope you enjoy them.

Photos by Doug Read

Lego Superheros

Remember the days when all you could build from legos where more blocks of legos. Well if you where any good you could lego planes and boats and lego houses. Well ladies and gentlemen here a few pictures of some lego Superheros  created by a talent man Angus MacClane.

Angus has created a few very interesting pieces. As well some from Star Wars, Terminator and G I Joe. Head over to his Flickr page to  take a look at some of his other creations

cap-cubedude-456 cyclops-cubedude-456 flash-cubedude-456 spiderman-cubedude-456