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“Destiny, NY: Volume Two” Launches on Kickstarter

A few days ago Pat Shand launched a Kickstarter page for “Destiny, NY: Volume Two. “Destiny, NY” is the next chapter in the life of Logan McBride. But why should I tell you about it when a lovely press release was sent to me….so let me share.

New York, NY (August 29, 2017) – Space Between Entertainment is excited to announce that the second volume of flagship title DESTINY, NY has launched on Kickstarter.
After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016, Space Between Entertainment released the first volume of Destiny, NY to positive reviews. The series, which focuses on former magical girl Logan McBride attempting to live a normal life in her late twenties, was described by Comicsverse as “the perfect start to a beautiful, powerful series about two magical ladies in love” and by Word of the Nerd as “the queer magical comic of your wildest dreams.” With this second volume, writer and co-creator Pat Shand (Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, Vampire Emmy) continues the story of Logan and her girlfriend Lilith, a troubled woman from a broken mystical crime family.
Rosi Kämpe (Extraordinary X-Men, Unknown Lands) joins Destiny, NY as the new series artist, but she isn’t alone. Space Between Entertainment has recruited a list of the industry’s top talents, along with content creators from other media who are entering into the world of comics for the first time. In addition to a 160-page story from Shand and Kämpe, there will be featured short comics by:
• JENNY OWEN YOUNGS (singer-songwriter, co-host of Buffering the Vampire Slayer), KRISTIN RUSSO (Everyone is Gay, co-host of Buffering the Vampire Slayer), MEGAN LEVENS (Spell on Wheels, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
• ERICA SCHULTZ (Charmed, Hawkgirl), NATASHA ALTERICI (Heathen)
• VITA AYALA (Batman Beyond, Suicide Squad), FABIAN LELAY (Jade Street Protection Services)
• LAUREN REILLY (actress & vlogger), EVE MAE (The Westwood Witches)
• EMILY REE (Anarchy Dreamers)
• AMY SHAND (Clonsters) and LISA STERLE (Long Lost)
• BRIAN COGAN (The Encyclopedia of Punk) and Eisner-nominated artist CLAUDIA AGUIRRE (Kim & Kim)
• KATIE KUFFEL (singer/songwriter) and original series artist MANUEL PREITANO
• As well as artwork and other content by VERONICA FISH (Archie, Slam), SINA GRACE (Iceman, Self-Obsessed), TAYLOR KRULICKI (Sad Girls Guide), VANESSA CARDINALI (Clonsters), MICHELLE LOCKAMY (Infected by Art, Cred Philly), VALENTINA PINTO (Ghostbusters), and more…
The Kickstarter campaign launches today with a goal of $20,000. Space Between Entertainment offers a host of rewards, including:
• The graphic novel itself, in both print and digital forms.
• Volume One and Two, for those who missed the first campaign.
• Kickstarter exclusive art prints.
• DESTINY, NY t-shirts.
• An appearance in the comic.
• Art/script portfolio reviews by Shannon Lee and Pat Shand.
• Commissions by Manuel Preitano.
• Much more
Follow Space Between Entertainment online at @SpaceBetweenEnt on all social media platforms. 
 Source: Pat Shand, Space Between Entertainment

“Destiny, NY,” A Graphic Novel from Robyn Hood’s Pat Shand & Manuel Preitano Launches on Kickstarter

Destiny, NY is an urban fantasy about two women in love, and the way their destinies entwine as they begin to grow closer.

Set in a version of New York City where magic is a real and accepted part of life, Destiny, NY is about Logan McBride, a woman who was the subject of a prophecy when she was young. However, much like the child stars of our world, Prophecy Kids often burn out in the worst ways.

Destiny, NY follows Logan as she navigates through graduate school for Prophecy Kids while trying to find her place in a world that tells her she’s already finished.



“In my time writing professionally, I have had incredible opportunities. I have enjoyed long runs as writer on Robyn Hood and Charmed, told stories featuring my favorite Marvel superheroes in my Iron Man and Avengers novels, and even got to work on dream projects such as Joss Whedon’s Angel,” says writer/co-creator Pat Shand.  “Manuel Preitano and I are passionate about the characters and the world of Destiny, NY, and we have a lot to say with this book… and we believe that Kickstarter is the right platform to bring this story directly to our readers with no middle man. This is a very personal story, so we wanted to be sure we tell it the right way.”



Shand continues: “Destiny, NY features New York City as it truly is, with a diverse cast of characters and a story that uses grounded fantasy to comment on the fast-paced nature of modern adulthood. Even though we have added an element of magic, the goal is to represent the New York that is rarely seen in fiction: the real New York, in all of its stunning variety and nuance. Logan and Lilith, our romantic leads, have a lot to say about this city, but the city has much to reveal about them as well.”

The Kickstarter campaign started on October 4th, 2016 and will end on November 2nd, 2016. It is currently 30% of its overall $20,000. Shand and Preitano are offering a host of rewards, including:


  • The graphic novel itself, in both print and digital forms.
  • Kickstarter exclusive art prints by Preitano, Eryk Donovan (Memetic, Constantine: The Hellblazer), Kerin Cunningham, Erica Chan, and Leonardo Colapietro.
  • Hearts, a mini-comic by Pat Shand & Manuel Preitano
  • An appearance in the comic.
  • Art portfolio reviews by Preitano and Shand, who works as both a writer and a comic book editor.
  • Script reviews for aspiring writers.
  • Much more

The Kickstarter campaign is live at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/248241887/destiny-ny-a-graphic-novel

Source: Press Release

Comic Review: Bayani and the Old Ghosts

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.26.44 PMPublisher: Galiber Comics

Created and Written by Travis McIntire

Art: Grant Perkins

Lettering: Taylor Esposito

Graphic Design: Rich Bloom

When Travis asked me to review this book I was surprised when I read it. Before you go and think I did not like this book, don’t. I know very little of Travis McIntire except from from his podcast, Snake Oil Comics. Saying that I was expecting something more, umm lets say dark. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Bayani is the story of a young boy who has set out to save his ill father and his village. The sun and not set in a month. The heat is causing the land to become parched. Bayani set out to sea to hopefully capture fish that has move father away from shore because of the heat. During a disaster at sea Bayani is recruited by the rain god, Pati’.  The quest, to recuse 9 kidnapped daughters of the Lady Moon.

Bayani is a great children book. Well that is how I took it. Travis McIntire does a good job of making the story enjoyable for kids. Hey I had a easy time reading to.  A story of adventure with help from Bayani’s  friend Tala.  Bayani and Tala also get some help from Maria Makiling. Some  ghost show up to help in his quest to find the nine daughters also. Bayani and Tala slowly begin to learn that they also need each other because each have a special skill. This would be a good book to introduce you child to comics.

The art style of Grant Perkins is different but catchy. Children should love the playfully style. Using simple shape that has the look of piece cut and put together.

If you want to support this indie and get a great book for you kids. Head over to their  Kickstarter page.


Comic Review: Under The Flesh

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 9.32.43 PM UNDER THE FLESH #1

Publisher: Escape Comics

Created and written by Greg Deltres

Illustrated and lettered by J. L. Giles-Rivera

Under The Flesh Press release:

“A gritty blast of sex, horror, sci-fi, and dabbling in various sub-themes like evolution, spirituality, and transhumanism. A zombie apocalypse comic that strays away from the traditional viral story by accentuating a premeditated reason behind the virus, as opposed to leaving the origin of the outbreak as a common question mark.”


Under the Flesh is a combination of Y-The Last Man, The Walking Dead, Bloodshot, Resident Evil, I Am Legend and the whole zombie apocalypse rolled into one.  Set in a world where a unknown pathogen is set free and it spread around the world in just hours.  The pathogen in no time begins attach the males turning them into flesh eating machines. A few men have survived but they are far and few between.

In the first book we meet our protagonist, Lt Ruben Lobos whom was at the time of the outbreak was being injected with nanobots in a experiment to created super soldiers(Captain America,Bloodshot). Unfortunately for him the scientist that were doing the experiment turn and he is now the only one. Lobos is hot head and is wanting to but his new improved self into battle. Lobos races back to town to get his girl friend and the both end up at the local library where they team up with woman survivors lead by a cop, Naomi. The woman are calming factor as well as the brains. Lobos wants to jump to action where the woman want to be cautious and not rush head first into the unknown.

Greg Deltres does a find job of getting the reader up to pace with what is happening. The action moves along quickly and does not seem to slow down. You are quickly introduced to the other characters  with enough detail to be interested in what they will play later on. This book has the feel and look of a zombie action movie, high on action. Like The Walking Dead the real danger is the remain humans and surviving them, not the zombies.

J. L. Giles-Rivera act style is great but at times I can see a little influence of Japanese anime. I not sure if this part of his style or just me seeing something that was unintentional. Giles-Rivera art is well suited for this type of action. The art is always seem to be in the act of motion, not wooded and stiff. Through out most of the book it is dark with the edges of panels shaded in to give you the feeling that death hangs in the air.

Over all this is very good book and well worth a look. If you want to give them a hand over at Kickstarter go over there and see what they have to offer. But don’t do it for the goodies. This book is another one of the fine books being created by small independent writers, artist and publisher.

So in the end I give Under The Flesh 4 Pops out of 5. I hope the fellows find the funds because if be a shame to see this book fade away while much lesser books find a audience.

Remember comics are meant to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.