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Star Wars:TFA Closing In On ‘Harry Potter’ International Box Office

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“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is getting ready to cut down ” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows P2 for the fifth spot on the list of international box office money makers.

‘The Force Awakens’ debuted in China on Saturday with a $53 million and added additional 12.4 million since then.  So far the ‘The Force Awakens’ has grossed 1.77 billion worldwide and is aiming for “Avatar” at 2.78 billion.

Starring Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and directed by J. J. Abrams has been rocketing through box office records since the December 18th premiere.

Source: Variety



Star Trek: Beyond

Paramount was hoping to keep this one under wraps from all the stories I have been hearing. But once it was leaked on line, well you might as well just give in and show it. We have been bombarded we trailers the last little while and Paramount has jumped on the trailer train.

Directed by Justin Lin, Fast & Furious fame this trailer has the look and feel of of that franchise. This a Star Trek made for the this generation. Fast, quick and looking like very little story. Today’s younger audience attention span need quick and flashy to keep their attention.

Hey don’t get me wrong it looks like a fun popcorn movie and I will be going to see it. But is your a old time Star Trek fan I can see those fans hating this.

The script is  from nerd Simon Pegg and Star Trek fan.

Do You Still Long For Star Trek To Be Back On TV

StarTrekLogo  So do you long for Star Trek to make it’s return back to the small screen. Well not so small as they use to be in to old days when Star Trek:TOS first made it’s debut on TV.  J. J. Abrams said recently that the chances of that were not likely because “What I’ve been told from the powers that be is that they’re not interested.” The powers to be is of course, CBS.

Recently Bob Orci co-writer and co-producer of both of the Bad Robot Star Trek movies is still interested in still bring Star Trek back to TV.

Orci has been in the UK for an Ender’s Game press junket. One of his interviews was with Joe Michalczuk of Sky News, who dropped a key nugget onto Twitter.

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Now we don’t know who “they’ve” is but could it be J. J. Abrams? Would CBS not want to do a TV and movie link up like that of Agents of Shield and the Marvel movie franchise. Star Trek still has a huge built in audience and with the new fans that have come to enjoy the movies having Star Trek back on TV is not a bad idea.

Would you want to see Star Trek back on TV? I know I would love to see either a reboot of the current time line from the movies or the original time line. Either way it would be nice.

The King is dead. Long live the King. The dethroning of George Lucas

A while ago I got together with a group of like minded people that enjoy getting together and chatting about the world of sci fi and fantasy. In other words a bunch of nerds that love these worlds and the escape it provides us. The conversations bounce around from silly stuff of old TV shows. Who has seen the latest movie and is it worth the few bucks to see it.images
The one thing that came up a few times, beside how bad the Twilight movies are was how George Lucas has destroyed the Star Wars universe. The man that had created this mass universe had turned it into a huge money maker and a money only. George had taken his franchise and turned it into a joke.

I agree to a point. Yes the long awaited prequels were not what we had hoped for.  The fans around the world of the original three movies, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back  and Return Of The Jedi had hope for that same magic and awe we had felt from these three. Remember the feeling as the Star Destroyer came into scene in Star Wars. We felt robbed. Jar Jar Binks became and I believe still is the symbol for our disappointment. But we have to remember that without George Lucas the whole universe would not of became a reality.

I not sure if we will really know if his true intentions. Did George just want keep it going and create a second series that would appeal to a younger audience. Did George not care about the millions of fans that had help create his empire by trying to cash in on a second wave of Star Wars fans? Maybe George truly believed that The Phantom Menace, Attack Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith were good enough to please everyone.

Sometimes when you create a world that you are it’s god and yes in a small way George is god to these characters and worlds, that he can not see past his own vision. Someone should of told George that Jar Jar was a joke and the Anakin was a whiny little prick. But now the King has decided to step down and had the crown to another.

Mickey Mousegeorge-lucas-star-wars

Well really Disney and Disney passed the crown to the new King, J. J. Abrams. All hail the new King. J. J. Abrams work on rebooting the Star Trek Universe and now the fans of Star Wars a hoping he can save the Star Wars universe from become less of a joke.

I have rarely watch Parts 1,2 and 3. They in no way stir up the same excitement and joy in me that Parts 4, 5 and 6 have. Can J.J. Abrams and Disney really save the world we love? Will we as fans quickly turn on Disney and J.J. if we are not satisfied with what our vision is.

As much as we love to hate George, I can not. I can disagree with his vision but I will not turn on him because without Mr Lucas I would never have wanted to fly among the stars and look into the night sky hoping that I could to travel through space. Fights fantastic battles and be the hero.

So the King is Dead, Long live the King.

My King will always be George Lucas


Production on ‘Star Wars” To Start In Early 2014.

Produced by Conference - Day 1At the Produced by conference on the Fox lot, J.J. Abram said:“Most likely we are going to be moving to London at the end of the year for the Star Wars movie,” Abrams also said that overseas shoots “drives him crazy” but plans were already in play by Disney to shoot in the UK before he came on board.  J.J. Abrams also gave his thoughts of the pressure of directing such a huge franchise of Star Wars, “I think that the thing is so big and so massive to so many people that the key to moving forward is honoring but not revering what went before,

I don’t know about you Poppers but getting J.J. Abram to at least do one of the new line of Star Wars movies is one of the best moves Disney could of done. The mans track record speaks for itself but I think his love of the franchise will me he will treat the matter with respect. Abram has not be shy about saying that he loves the franchise. J.J. Abrams could be the person to bring back some of the creditability to the franchise. No disrespect to George Lucas but the last three efforts were not the greatest for us  of the original three.  Lets hope the man that help reboot the Star Trek universe can so the same for Star Wars.

Also does he look like Larry Fine with glass in the picture? Just saying.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

J.J. Abrams and Simon Pegg chat about Star Wars

In a recent chat with Sky Movies, J.J. Abrams and comedian Simon Pegg talk about the George Lucas franchise. J.J. Abrams and Simon Pegg both have a fondness for Star Wars that is well documented. If you have not heard by now that J.J. Abrams has been tagged by Disney to direct the next installment of the Star Wars movie franchise.

You can watch the conversation below


Source Sky Movies, The Hollywood Reporter, Youtube