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Inside the writers studio…

As fans of the world of pop culture and geekery, most of us have read our share of comic books. We know the names of various writers and artists involved in our favourite books, and we’ve maybe been lucky enough to speak briefly to the occasional writer, whether big name or independent, at the various comic-cons and expos across the globe. It’s rare however that any of us actually get the chance to sit down with a writer or artist and actually chat with them for longer than a minute or two. A couple of weeks ago though, I did exactly that.

James McCulloch is a new comic book writer from Scotland, who has recently released issue 1 of his debut comic book “City Of Lost Souls”. I first heard about James’s work through a small comic event that was organised by my local shopping centre/mall. From there, I started following his progress through social media, and a few weeks later arranged to meet him to do an interview for Big Kids Playground.

As soon as I entered James’s place, his love of all thinks geek was obvious. His movie collection was as tall as me, he had great old-school board games under his coffee table, and he was in the middle of watching the Roddy Piper classic “They Live”.

Speaking to James was an absolute pleasure, and his enthusiasm for comic books was fantastic. As a new writer to the industry, he was in the enviable position of being able to chat with and get tips from established writers and having people who were interested in and buying his work, while still able to be star-struck when meeting his own favourite writers.

My full interview with James can be heard on Episode 45 of the Big Kids Playground podcast, and a review of issue one of City Of Lost Souls, along with links to James’s facebook page and online store, can be found here.