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Comic Review: D4ve

D4ve #1 of 5

Publisher: IDW

Story & Letters: Ryan Ferrier

Art & Colors: Valentin Ramon

Editor: David Hedgecock

D4ve first caught my eye in the Preview magazine. Well the art cover did. A  robot wearing a party hat holding a shot gun over his head while sitting on the bodies of dead aliens. So my interest was peak. I read the little description of the book and I thought now this is different. So I had my comic shop put me down for it.

Man I am glad I did.

D4ve is the story of a robot created for combat now having a mid life crisis. You see D4ve and the rest of his buddies cleaned out the rest of the galaxy. Okay first they did away with the human race. Humans created robot, robot got smart, real smart. Revolted against man and well wiped them out. After that every other species wanted a piece of earth. Once those attackers were wiped out the robots thought, hell we better get ride of the rest. Job well done. Now they think they are the only life in the galaxy. Maybe?

D4ve is a well written and drawn book. Ryan Ferrier has created a funny, whimsical and at times silly sci-fi adventure. The dialogue is written so it is natural and flows smoothly. Ryan’s dialogue really expresses the emotion so well for robots that have no faces. This is adult book with adult language and adult situations but it does not offend. Well if you find masturbating robot’s offensive?

The art work of Valentin Ramon is fantastic. Ramon does not have the luxury of having facial expression to use to help communicate what the characters are trying to express. Ramon effectively does this job through hands, body movement and hand gestures. Okay there is one part where a robot’s eyes bug out and jaw drops at a strip joint. I had a good giggle at that.

This is one great book and I wanted more right away. Oh yeah I found more also. I found out that this book was original done by MonkeyBrain Comics. I also found out that you could purchase the other four books thru ComiXology for 99 cents. So there is a tip for you guys if you enjoy the series and don’t want to wait for the rest. Sorry IDW.

The rest of the series is great and a comical adventure. I highly recommend this book.

So in the end I give D4ve 5 pops out of 5. I rarely give out 5’s but I really love it that I have to get the other four because I could not wait for them to come out. Again sorry IDW.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.


Triple Helix

TRIPLE HELIXTripleHelix02_cvrSUB-copy

Artist: John Byrne

Writer: John Byrne

Colorist: Leonard O’Grady

Letterer: Robbie Robbins

Editor: Chris Ryall

John Byrne continues his creation of short arc stories for IDW with his new team series Triple Helix. This book is different as well as being the same as most books out there that are team bass. Triple Helix also has the feel and look as some other books that he has done with the same idea. What pops to mind is his work on The Uncanny X-Men. The basic 5 member team with a newbie in training. Every character is introduced in this book and all have something to do. The main villain is a skull head in cased in glass surround by what looks like acid and speaks in a German accent. The book also has it’s own Sentinels in the version of Monitors. Could Triple Helix be John Byrne’s telling of X-Men stories that he wanted to do and he never got the chance to do at Marvel? If so then I am cool with that.

I have been a fan of John Byrne’s work since his days way back when he was top dog at Marvel. I followed his work as he moved from company to company. For me it’s like going home and meeting a old friend. New readers may not like the story or older work of  his but he still has some stories to tell and I am sure that there is many that still want to see his work.

The writing is nothing special and I mean by that is that no deep thinking is required.  No hidden meaning shit. Just a nice simple story. As always his work is great. Now I will say that he spends more time on his characters then the backgrounds but that is fine by me. Colorist Leonard O’Grady does a great job at making the pages pop with color and has the look of coloring done back in the 80’s. Again a look of Byrne’s years on X-Men.

So is this one of the great works of comic’s, no. Is it one of the finest pieces done by John Byrne, no. What it is is a look back at the time when comics and story telling were simple but still fun to read and look at.

So in the end I give Triple Helix 3 pop’s out of 5

Remember comics are meant to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.



wildblue1aLike Half Past Danger, Wild Blue Yonder goes back in time to try and capture the days of the movie serial adventure and they do. The story by Mike Raicht, Zach Howard and Austin Harrison takes place in a world dying from radiation and pollution. To survive the population built giant flying aircraft’s but only for a few of the chosen few. The rest of population work in mines below supplying energy for those in the skies. But all is not perfect in the skies above and those that live there fight brutal wars to survive and only the fittest survive.

The idea of people living in the sky is not a original idea. I have seen a few Japanese anime movies that use the same premise. There is a blend of different concepts here, steam punk, The Rocketeer, WW2 and sci fi, and it works. Mike Raicht, Zach Howard and Austin Harrison have crafted a interesting story and the first book speeds along like a Indiana Jones film, Your main charcters are introduce quickly, Cola the female hot shot pilot and her newly re crewed gunner Tug and then BAM,  the action starts.

The art work by Zach Howard is great and detailed. There is a heavy emphasis on color brown in this book but it gives it a feel of a old pulp fiction book with a hint of red here and there. The full page panels on pages 12 and 13 shows great action with planes fighting and jet pack combatants  going to town on each other.

I could go into deeper detail of the story but then you don’t need to read the book and I think you should pick this one up. So in short my fellow Poppers I give Wild Blue Yonder 4 fighter planes out of 5.

Oh on a side note, Wild Blue Yonder #1 however sold out before it hit the shelves, all  12,327 printed copies pre-allocated and a great launch for the title as reported on Bleeding Cool site. I also have to mention that Like Half Past Danger is going to it second printing.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed, not destroyed.



Doomsday1_cvrAOriginal done back in July 1975 thru May 1976 as  a six part story by writer Joe Gill and penciled/inked by John Byrne Doomsday +1 took place in a apocalypse aftermath of earth. So now years later John Byrne updates this story for IDW. In this updated telling of the story we find a group of astronauts orbiting the earth in a international space station and have discovered a large solar flare heading for earth. Unlike the original story it is the solar flare that causes the apocalypse and not man. The book cuts between the astronauts on the station and their fight to survive the coming solar flare and four different scenes that will play out later in the story.  Two of the side stories do look interesting. The Pope using a double to help keep the frighten crowds some hope while he flees to safety and feeling little for the people that about to die. A group of inmates at a Texas prison that escape and like all good apocalypse stories will become the motorcycle, gun welding crazies that wander the now scotch earth. Oh boy there be some good killing coming.

I like John Byrne’s art style. His art work on the magazine of Star Lord is what got me hooked on comics and I have bought and read almost all of his work. The story is quick and fast pace like the opening act of action/disaster movie. Introduce the main characters of the story. Show what story A will be and sub stories and lets get to the action with some dialogue to help move the story along. If you think I am dishing on Mr Byrne hell no. I am hoping that as any good action movie the story will get better and the action faster as the book moves on. So bring on the next chapter of the story and lets hope for a bumpy and fun ride.

I give Doomsday .1 3 solar flares out of 5

Remember comics are to be enjoyed, not destroyed.