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Arrow, Catching Up, and General-ness…

Hey Poppers,

I couldn’t think of a featured image, I just read what I wrote, the part down there, that you haven’t read yet, unless you skipped ahead, but I bet you didn’t, I trust you. Anyway, that picture of 3PO and R2 in a Tim Burton movie about bad dreams before Jesus’s birthday was the best I could come up with. So good luck, and enjoy, but mostly good luck. The Batman vs Superman trailer!!

Wow, I have been so busy lately I have not been able to blog, but here I am so let’s jump right in. I got Instagram, it’s okay.And I changed my name on twitter to batteryrunheart. Because my heart is literally run by a battery. No joke, I have a pacemaker, it’s one step down from an arc reactor. No big. Also I am now a registered apprentice, becoming a Parts Technician. It’s a three year program, but I have set myself up to have my ticket by next summer. And yes, apprentice like in Star Wars, again no big.


So, also I got my wife rather pregnant, so yeah. We can now move onto four person cosplays. Yes, that is where my mind immediately goes.

arrow starwars

Also, Whovians, if you want an idea of how overwhelming it is to find out you will be a dad again, please see the below picture.


Next I got bit by a spider! And I think it may have been radioactive.

spider bite

And lastly I have been working on my third and last book in the Fantom Fury trilogy. (cause the “tri” in “trilogy” means three, so my third, and therefore…. last….. book) So, there you have it my excuses for not being able to blog. (Please see radio style segway below… Remember I mentioned my books like one second ago?)


Yes, I met CAITY LOTZ!!!!! at EEK fest. She was super nice and she is so gorgeous. It was awesome to be face to face with Miss Sara Lance. And yes, that is a copy of my first book signed by her. It was so cool. Also I met someone else ladies and gents, he’s on the Arrow, not a huge part of the show, but certainly notable. (Please refer to picture below.)


HA! Gotcha!! It’s Stephen Amell! and he’s the main character. Get it? It was a joke when I said that he wasn’t a huge part of the show. Cause he is! Get it? Anyway, yeah I totally met him in a bathroom. Dressed as the Arrow. It was the coolest thing ever. He was really nice and I told him he was a big fan. And at his panel I asked him if he was going to use his island wig to playing Casey Jones. If you don’t know of the island wig on Arrow, it’s worth a quick google search. If you don’t know who Casey Jones is why are you reading this, seriously all the references must be going over your head. Star Wars, and yes I made that Star Wars picture in paint, Arrow,  Doctor Who, Spiderman. I mean if you’ve made it this far and didn’t get at least eighty percent of the references I applaud you, seriously. Nice job dude. And yes I call guys and girls both dude. Just so you know I wasn’t leaving anyone out. Anyway, what was I going to say? Oh yeah, even if you get every reference and you are still reading, thank you. I just go, I literally type whatever is in my head, I’m hungry, and hit publish. And if you are willing to use your precious time reading that, well that, well it just warms my heart. Thanks guys! Anyway, as we all know it has been nerd overload lately. The Batman vs Superman trailer. Oh man! I am so stoked!!!!!! Seriously it has been playing on repeat in my head since I watched it. What else, Suicide Squad, Batman vs Superman, Deadpool, um what else, oh yeah, Batman vs Superman. X Men, Batman vs Superman is worth mentioning, Star Wars is coming up, that Batman vs Superman trailer was really good. Ant-Man will be out soon, maybe they’ll play that Batman vs Superman trailer during the pre-show. I saw Terminator which I loved. The Batman vs Superman trailer. Oh! Arrow started filming. BvS. Flash is gonna be on Season Two. Dawn of Justice. Legends of Tomorrow which looks so cool, and I love that they are using Rory to travel through time. I mean what a cool thing to do, and yes I called him Rory. Because to me that’s who he is. Rory, Amy, Doctor. I guess now it’s Rip, Nebula and Skynet. Sniffle. They grow up so fast!!! Yeah, so it has been an overload, which I can handle. I mean I got that spider bite and I have a one-step-down-from-an-arc-reactor-pacemaker. Sorry for any spoilers. And sorry I mentioned that trailer, (Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice) so many times, it’s just that, how can I put this,


Anyway, back to meeting Stephen and Caity, yeah, we’re on a first name basis, no big. They were so awesome and down to earth. No, noses in the air, no one was below them. They were both so nice, and so cool, and you know what? Whoever said don’t meet your heroes can go poop their pants!

Anyway, it’s been a slice, hit me up on IG and twitter, I follow back and I’m not quite as crazy, 140 characters and 1000 words, get it? cause a picture is worth a thousand words, and on Instagram you post pictures. Anyway, I’m allowed to make terrible jokes, I’m a dad. Puns, just for funs.

Bye bye

Oh yeah I couldn’t find a way to fit this in, but it’s so awesome so here:


K seriously bye.

Marvel Vs DC: The Movie We All Dream About

Okay okay. I know I was going to take sometime off from posting but I found this totally cool fan made trailer that combines the DC universe and the Marvel universe. If you don’t get a excited a little seeing this truly amazing piece of work then hand in your geek/nerd card.

We all know that Marvel and DC will never produce a movie together. Maybe if the companies were actually self containing companies and not owned by money hungry capitalists. So this short is the closest we will every get. Combining scenes from a huge varity of movie and TV shows such as The Avengers, Man of Steel, The Amazing Spider-Man and Fox’s X-Men movies with video game clips and footage from the CW’s Arrow and The Flash, David E. Kelley’s failed Wonder Woman pilot, and so many others. Hey try and see how many and different movies, TV and video games you recognize.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Blastr

Comic Book Heros: Part Two

In part two of my look at how comic book hero’s have affected out lives I ask two friends of mine Paul Terry @BKPlayground and Aaron James Henderson-Smith AKA @Angry_Oz_Geek  that question. How has comic books and those hero’s of these books affect them.

First up Paul Terry:

The first comic book character I remember really wanting to be was Angel from the original X Men, their book was my favourite when I was very young and I loved the idea of being able to fly so much that I wished I was him.Angel
When I got a bit older and moved to High School, life got a bit tougher – there was bullying and violence (it wasn’t a great school and not the one I chose to go to), I started reading 2000AD instead of super hero comics, mainly because they were so damn hard to find in the small town I grew up in.
At this point, Judge Dredd had the biggest impact on me because of his unwavering sense of justice, his black and white vision of right and wrong and of course his (often amusing to be fair) violent brand of enforcing the law. I wished I could be more like him because I could see so many people around me that deserved a daystick to the mouth but I did adopt his principles of right and wrong.
When I left school and got a job, I found a shop that sold DC and Marvel comics so I started picking up Batman titles, I wasn’t really a fan of “super powers” (except maybe Green Lantern, because that COULD happen) and so I liked Batman because he’d learned how to do what he does and in could be within my grasp…if I applied myself, which I was never going to!
batman_jdThe first issue of Batman I picked up was actually part one of Death In The Family and it was a lot more grown up than the Marvel comics I used to read, it led me to finding The Dark Knight Returns and from the moment I saw Batman’s overnight war on crime when he first returns to the cowl, I was hooked.
From that point to this very day my favorite character is Batman because of his dedication, selflessness, intelligence and, to be honest, I like the way he enjoys showing the other major “super heroes” how much better them them he is. What appeals to me most is how he makes criminals scared of him and deep down I just love how cool he looks when drawn properly, who wouldn’t want to be Batman!
So, the answer to John’s question is.. Batman has had the biggest effect on my life, he’s inspired me to make decisions over the last 25 years that changed the course of my life and made me a better person for it.


Angry Oz Geek

 Wolverine: trying to be like him as a little kid growing up and getting my ass handed to me despite it… also Cyclops as well.18-Xmen-First-Clas-Cyclops He was responsible for my neurotic “I’ll never be as good as Wolverine” deal, and focus on leadership and driving myself to be as good as he is, but using what I had. Plus I got the girl.. (Jean Grey is why I have a BIG thing for redheads: ironic really – my wife is Asian…).

As an adult? I guess the one I identify most with is Magneto – his sense of justice and the necessity to accept the mantle of a demon sometimes to liberate, and see TRUE long lasting, justice met.. and the OTHER is Jesse Custer from “Preacher”. I agree with him 100% that SOMEBODY needs to make god accountable for what he’s done, AND more importantly kick his ass. That book proves my belief that god exists purely for his own amusement (cruel as it is), and the afterlife: paradise? to have ANYTHING to do it. The last thing we need is for that mass-murdering, creation neglecting, ego maniacal, piece of shit tyrant to have ANYTHING to do it. In fact, most of my morality echoes Jesse Custer.Preacher










Do you have a comic book character of book that has shaped you knowingly or not?

Zenescope Previews: GFT REALM WAR #1

Hey Poppers

Well I am please again to offer you a sneak peak of the coming Realm War coming form Zenescope in July.

“This is a series that fans can’t afford to miss. Not only is it the culmination of the Age of Darkness storyline, but the fate of all the characters in the Grimm Universe is at stake and no one is safe. There will be a lot of twists and turns before the end and not everyone is going to survive the series. It’s going to be an exciting and surprising ride.”
– Joe Brusha, writer and co-creator
“Realm War is a must read for fans who’ve been enjoying all of the Age of Darkness releases. Grimm 100 ends on such a great cliffhanger, you’ll definitely want to know where it goes from there and how the Age of Darkness story will end!”
– Ralph Tedesco, co-creator
Realm War #1 is available for pre-order at your local comic book retailer now!

Comic Book Heros: Part One

 If you don’t know it by now it is the 75th anniversary of Batman. The character of Batman has become such a part of the modern culture that everyone knows of him. Either from the comics, TV show, animated series and movies. Batman has become the hero to generation’s of people of both genders and other cultures.

 In a recent podcast I listen to various guest on a panel celebrating the creation of this character and what it had meant to them. How this character had help shaped and formed them and still does to this day. So I thought about how characters in comic-books had shaped me, how they had help me to make decisions both conscientiously or not.

Like any young kid I first was attached to the books because of the pictures. Super hero people, soldiers, aliens that packed action on almost every panel. Not being able to read was not important. The pictures told the story. As I grew older and started to learn how to read that open a whole new experience. The words and art together opened me up further to what was happening in this fantastic world. Then when I found the X-Men my world exploded.


The X-Men were my favorite book and like many Wolverine became my favorite character. But it was the X-Men as a whole that I identified with. I was in my teens and was going through my change. Nothing like the X-Men but I could see how there gifts/curse was effecting them. I could see myself in those men and woman. Not knowing what is happening and feeling of being alone because I thought I was the only one going through it. I found an escape in those books wishing I was one to them. Wishing I had those powers, any powers so I could escape for real.wolverine

Then came Wolverine. In that character I found someone that I was not. Tough, strong, fearless and a sense of honor. Wolverine stood up for his friends and those that could not defend themselves. A person with inner struggle trying to always do better even when he thought he could not. A man on a continue path of growth.  There are still days I wish I was still him. The older I get the less I think of it. Maybe to this day that is way at 52 I still get my comic-books. Not X-Men(that is a different article) but many others. I still feel like that young man I was. Still trying to find my path and understand who I am. When I thought I could become someone better. Maybe that sounds sad to some but not to me because that means that those lessons are still there. That I still want to be a better person. The X-Men of the 80’s will always be my favorite books and my favorite vision of these characters.

In part 2 of this article I ask a couple of friends to tell me what character they identified with and how they effected them.




Days Of Future Past: Why It Is Different Then The Book.

x-men-days-of-future-past-filmSo if you don’t know by now that there is another X-Men movie coming out, Days Of Future Past. If you don’t know that then were the hell have you been. You also have to know that like any movie adaption there are always changes and yes there are changes here.

In a interview with Total Film Magazine writer Simin Kinberg explains the reason is simple.

“Probably the bigger reason [for the change] is that when we started thinking about the logistical realities of Kitty’s consciousness being sent back in time, to her younger self, as opposed to her physical body being sent back… It was impossible,” Kinberg said. “You’re talking about an actress (Ellen Page) who, in the [First Class era], would have been negative 20 years old. So we started thinking again, and the first reflex response to that was a character who doesn’t age. Wolverine is the only character who would looks the same in 1973 as he does in the future.”

I for one do not care much about the change. Also like Iron Man in the Marvel Universe is seems that  Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Marvel Entertainment is  using Wolverine as the central piece to connect all the movie together. My only concern is that the story is good. Do you think that the change will effect the story or not?

Source: Total Film Magazine, Hollywood Reporter, Blastr

Free Comic Book Day 2013

Free comic book day has been around since 2002 and since then numerous comic book fans old and new have waited for the first Saturday in May ever since it has began. If your new and want to check out what is new and exciting in the world of comics this is the day. If you have been collecting for years it is your Christmas day.

Publisher have come up with a few books then run from your family friendly variety to the comic that most of us are used to. Violent and bloody. Okay a lot with really good stories also. There will be tons available and if you looking for some new titles that are not part of the celebration many stores will be selling books at discount prices. There is no reason not to be able to find something new. A full of the comics available Saturday are available at Free Comic Book Day website.

Hey is your not sure what the hell it is all about, Hugh Jackman has a YouTube video telling you all about it. Oh yeah and reminding your about “The Wolverine”

Here are just some to the titles that will be available on Saturday. Remember also to show your local comic shop some love. The books are free to us but you local comic shop does have to pay for them. So get some back issues or buy a book that you always to read. Remeber comics are to be enjoyed, not destroyed.


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