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TGA Podcast Episode 0049 – Artax


TGA Podcast Episode 0049 – Arta

This week we talk I Kill Giants, the return of The Flash and The X-Files, the debut of Legends of Tomorrow, Humble Bundle, and the arrival of the Gravy Baby. Also, check out friend of show Goadkicker: The Podcast!



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The X-Files Updated Trailer

Well boys and girls we finally get a longer and more in depth trailer for the up coming X-Files series. Yes I know it is only 6 episodes but if you we lived in England that is a season.

I have to say it is fun and exciting to see Gillian Anderson and David Dochovny back together again. In a world that now is some more connected then it was when the original series aired. The trailer lets us know that all is taken into the series and that Mulder fears that is more dangerous than ever because of it. It is also nice to see some old face come back including a certain smoking guy.

The X-Files will be returning in January.

Source: Blastr, YouTube, Fox