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OVERTAKEN-01a-B-Lorenzana-600x910     OVERTAKEN #1

Script by: Frank Mastromauro

Penciled by: Marco Lorenzana

Colors by: Wes Hartman

Lettering by: Josh Reed

Published by Aspen Comics

Aspen comics is celebrating 10 years in business with another release of it’s 10 for 10 comics for a dollar with Overtaken #1.

I have to be honest here and say that Aspen has been under my radar and I do not know much about the company. After picking up the first issue of Overtaken I will have to keep my eye open to the other books this company publishes.

The first part of the story we are told of that since the beginning of the universes that species evolve and divided. Like any good developing races the two sides fight for power. After years for constant battles the two side come to realize that a stalemate emerged. The races decided to wait until the time comes of fight for dominance once again. Overtaken is the story of a young couple, Will and Jesse Harden moving to Turtle Creek to be close to Jesse family and for Will’s to start a new journalism. Everything seams normal until one night Jesse is abducted while returning home.

I will admit that the thing that got me to pick up the book was the art. The art by Marco Lorenzana is great. The inside few pages of the book showing the battles is great. The art is smooth and clean.  I would keep a eye on Mr Lorenzana I feel you will see more and more of him. Detail on the pages are not to in depth but for me I like that. I love the work done on detailed on some books but it does take my eye away from the focal point of the panel. Frank Mastromauro does a good job of getting you to become involved with the characters enough to want to pick the next issue. Well it worked for me and I will be picking up the next issue.

So in the end I do recommend that you pick this book up and give it a chance.

I give Overtaken 3.9 out of 5

Remember comics are to be enjoyed, not destroyed.