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“The Fabric”

Another fine short sci-fi film that you can find on Dust. This is a Dust exclusive that I am going to share with you. Hey there is a share button, right?

In a strange, dark asylum, a brilliant physicist with no memory, sits incarcerated. One thing occupies his mind: escaping – to what or where he has no clue.

You can find out more “The Fabric” here

Source: Dust

Sci-Fi Comedy Short Film: “Macrocosm” (UNCENSORED)

Planet earth’s contaminated drinking water threatens to end civilization. A celebrated quantum physicist, volunteers to be the first interdimensional traveler with the hopes of finding an answer to the contamination problem.

If you have a problem with fellatio then advert your eyes.

Macrocosm directed by Ryan Kelly

More about the film here

Source: Dust

Sci-Fi Short Film “Pink Plastic Flamingos”

A suburban stay-at-home dad builds an autonomous robot out of his mower, but when he finds out his creation is taking over his life he sets out to destroy it.

Life sucks for George. So he builds a robot to make it better. It gets better. Then… it gets worse.

More about this short and filmmaker here

Source: Dust