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Marvel Vs DC Animated

How many times have you wanted to see the mightiest heroes from the DC universe take on the gang from Marvel. I am not talking about a comic book version. But a live action one. Of course we will never see one. But animator Saruhan Saral brings that idea to life in two animated shorts.

Bring together the likes of Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Wolverine, Green Lantern, Deadpool, Deathstroke, Flash, Quicksilver, Hulk, Iron Man and so many more. I started to wondering why these two groups would be fighting to begin with? But sometimes heroes don’t need a reason to fight. But at the end you find out why and it is a very pleasing twist.

Source: Heroic Hollywood,  YouTube Saruhan Saral

Cosplay Thursday: Justin Acharacter

Hey Poppers

Welcome back to another Cosplay Thursday.

This time around I thought I high light one of the many male cosplayer out there. I know we all like and sometimes drool over the massive amount of female cosplayer out there in the geek world. But I have to be fair and give some of the guys out there some exposure.

So the first guy I am highlighting is Justin Acharacter. Justin is from Penrith, New South Wales in Australia. Now I could not find out much about Justin on his Facebook page. But my friend Oz from the s7evendaysageek did a interview with Justin so I will just link you to that article. So go head over there now to find out more about Justin Acharacter. Oh before  you go please check out some of  his amazing work and on his Facebook page. Oh you may have to click a few times to get there but it does work. Oh there are some more interviews with other Cosplayer there also you can check out.

Batman: Arkham Origins Official Trailer

Yesterday the official trailer for the next Batman game was release. This game is a prequel to the highly successfully Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkman City. This trailer shows a Batman early in his career as a crime fighter. I love the trailer. Man I wish they could make a full length movie using the same CGI technology that be so sweet.