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Movie Monday: Justice League Dark

Well it is once again time for Movie Monday.

This Monday it is a fan made film, Justice League Dark. This fan is based on the DC comic of the same name. This is a fine film with some really decent special effects. I did have a hard time with the actor doing Constantine. His accent did not seem real at all. The effects for doing Deadman was good and I like it. So spend sometime and have a view.


Constantine and Zatanna embark on a journey in an attempt to release her father from hell. Along the way, they meet a seedy character (Deadman) who tries to stop them.

Source: YouTube

Kantana Is Coming To Arrow

Hey Poppers

devonaoki-8d8afWell I am a late bloomer to the world of Arrow. I did not jump on board until the second season end. My reason, well I did not want to envest my time on a show that may not make it a season. I have become invested in so many programs and only to have it pulled. So give me a hard time for not following from the start. I can take it.

But now I have and yes you are all right. Arrow is a good show and I will now be binging on it. Now comes news that the DC character Katana will be joining the show. The Comic Book Resources is reporting that actress Devon Aoki with be playing the Japaneses super hero created by  Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo, first appearing in Batman and the Outsiders #1. (1983). It is being reported that Katana will be in flash back from Oliver’s time in Hong Kong. Katana_Vol_1_1_Textless


Movie Monday: Lego Arrow and Black Canary Vs Deathstroke

Hey Poppers

Welcome back to another movie Monday and this time around I have a fan made Lego movie done by. Arrow and Black Canary vs Deathstroke was made by Paul Sayer from England.  This is a entertaining little short. Is the quality high, no but you have to give the man credit for having the balls to make this short. Paul did tell me that he plans on doing more so hopefully I will be able to highlight his work here.

So just sit back and enjoy this fan made Lego short film

Source: YouTube

Movie Mondays: Catwoman 2011

Hey welcome back to another Movie Monday, Poppers.

This time I have a animated short, Catwoman.

Now I don’t have much info about this short except that is was from 2011.

Catwoman finds out that Roughcut is doing some smuggling and not what you think it would be.

Starring the voices of Eliza Dushku as Catwoman and John DiMaggio as Roughcut.