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Marvel/ Netflix Daredevil Season 3 Thoughts So Far *May Contain Some Spoilers*

So once again I got the chance to get a sneak peak at the first 6 episodes of Daredevil 3. I talked about it on The Pop Culture Cafe podcast which you can find a link on the column to your left. But here is the audio of just that review/thoughts.



First Look at the Defenders


That’s a pretty neat look. I’ve been looking forward to this series since the beginning of the Marvel series on Netflix. I think Sigourney Weaver is a fantastic choice as the villain and can go toe to toe with any the heroes in this series and the actors that play them. EW took the photo so they get the credit……enjoy

This Week’s Cover: Meet ‘The Defenders’ in EW’s exclusive first look

The Defenders – SDCC Teaser Trailer

Hey if your getting excited like me about the upcoming Netflix/Marvel production well today we finally got a teaser for the upcoming show.

Marvel’s The Defenders will unite Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, as they face their biggest threat yet.

Did you not get a little hard or wet from this trailer????

Source: Netflix, YouTube


Comic Con teasers that was meant only for the eyes of those at these shows do not stay at these shows for long. More and more  teasers are being filmed by someone at the shows and then it hits the web. Yeah they are low quality and hard to really see but in a age where people craze information it finds it way onto the web. Such as it was with the Season 2 teaser for the upcoming DAREDEVIL series from Netflix. Shortly after it was unveiled at the NYCC a copy was leaked out. So it was no surprise that a better version was put up a few days later.

The video is mostly highlights from the first incredible first season. Aww but don’t fear people at the end there is a shot of Jon Bernthal and Elodie Yung.

DAREDEVIL season 2 will be coming 2016.


Stick Is Returning To DareDevil

Scott Glen is returning to reprise his role as Stick for three episodes in the upcoming second season of  Daredevil.

If you haven’t watched the first season of Daredevil(why the hell have you not) Stick is the man that helps teach the young Matt Murdock to use his new abilities. Stick later returns on a mission that Matt begrudgingly joins him on. But when Murdock finds out that the mission was to kill a child Murdock turns on Stick.  Murdock and Stick fight ends up leaving both bloody and battered. Murdock getting the worse of the battle.

In the tweet below is the announcement of Sticks return.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 7.27.31 PM








Source: CBR