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Superhero Fight Club 2.0

This was released a bit ago but I don’t think it got the attention it warranted(Only 1.6 million views on youtube and all).A very cool 4 minute vid showcasing the stars of all 4 DC shows from this fall in a “X-men , Danger room” type scenario. Kind of a off beat promo for the cross over coming up this season……..with a twist and a special guest villain.Enjoy

‘Supergirl’ Meets ‘Wonder Woman’: First Look at Lynda Carter’s Presidential Role — Variety

Marvel fans may think there’s a glitch in the Matrix when they see the first photos from episode 3 of “Supergirl,” airing on Oct. 24. The new images show Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) shaking hands and getting friendly with President Olivia Marsdin, played by Lynda Carter, star of the Wonder Woman TV series in the 1970s. Carter will……

via ‘Supergirl’ Meets ‘Wonder Woman’: First Look at Lynda Carter’s Presidential Role — Variety

Kevin Smith To Direct A Episode Of Flash

Everyone’s favorite nerd(well not everyone’s) and pod father is going to be directing a up coming episode of Flash.

Since Kevin Smith found and started to watch Flash he has constantly praised the show. If you are a fan of Fatman On Batman you must have heard Kevin ooze all over the show. Marc Bernardin his partner on Fatman was always praising the show and finally convinced Kevin to watch.

Announced on Sunday that Smith will be directed a upcoming episode in May but no word on which one.






Source: Blastr, IGN

John G M Burke


‘The Flash’ : ‘The Fury Of Firestorm’ Extended Promo

The CW released a extended promo for next week’s episode of The Flash.  The title is called “The Fury of Firestorm” will introduced Edge of Tomorrow actor Franz Drameh.  Franz Drameh will portraying Jefferson “Jax” Jackson aka the new, other half of Firestorm.

The introduction of Jefferson “Jax” Jackson comes after the death of the original Firestorm,  Ronnie Raymond in the season premiere.

But is he?

Robbie Amell posted a picture of himself and Franz Drameh, along with the caption “Firestorm is in great hands! But I’ll be back”. Giving everyone a hint that we have not seen the last of Ronnie Raymond.








A fan theory that is making the round on the net is that Ronnie was not killed in the singularity. In actually he was sucked through the portal to an alter Earth.  Also with this theory is that Ronnie is suffering in the same way as Dr Stein is and he’ll need to find a new partner as well.

This would fit well into the multiverse that DC loves to use in the comic book line. The multiverse is now making it’s way into the DC universe on TV. I hope that it is not over used like it is in the comics.

Source: Heroic Hollywood, CW YouTube


Kantana Is Coming To Arrow

Hey Poppers

devonaoki-8d8afWell I am a late bloomer to the world of Arrow. I did not jump on board until the second season end. My reason, well I did not want to envest my time on a show that may not make it a season. I have become invested in so many programs and only to have it pulled. So give me a hard time for not following from the start. I can take it.

But now I have and yes you are all right. Arrow is a good show and I will now be binging on it. Now comes news that the DC character Katana will be joining the show. The Comic Book Resources is reporting that actress Devon Aoki with be playing the Japaneses super hero created by  Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo, first appearing in Batman and the Outsiders #1. (1983). It is being reported that Katana will be in flash back from Oliver’s time in Hong Kong. Katana_Vol_1_1_Textless


The Tomorrow People

The CW has released a longer clip of a new fall series called The Tomorrow People. Scheduled to premier in the fall of 2013 it is based on a British TV series of the same name. The premise of the story is a group of people that represent the next chain in human evolution are trying to survive will be  hunting by a government task force trying to kill them. The idea is not anything new but does that mean I will not check it out, hell no. Take a look and tell me what you think. Willing to watch it and give it a try.


Source: YouTube, CW