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BADASS #1: Review

BadassBADASS #1 (4)

Publisher: Dynamite Comics

Writer: Herik Hanna

Artist: Bruno Bessadi

Colors: Gaetan Georges

So what do you get when you take a little of Deadpool, Bullseye, Hit Girl and a little of 1960’s Batman TV. You get a bouncing baby BADASS.

Herik Hanna and Geatan Georges brings to the pages of this Dynamite Comic the crazy, funny and violent world of sociopath Dead End. Dead End has a talent and that talent is killing and he loves  his job.  The reader first gets to meet Dead End as he is not really enjoying his meal at a out door cafe. Most people would enjoy seeing family’s and couples have a good time but Dead End is disgusted by it. Here comes in the ingredient of Bullseye as Dead End using a coin to ricochet off a car and hitting a waiter in the eye. The car then plows into the happy people killing a few and making Dead End very happy.

In a sequence of flash backs we get to see the young Dead End. His struggle at High School being bullied and picked on by the kids. Being laughed at and getting the shit kick out of him. The little hint of Deadpool makes it’s appearance as the young Dead End is being consoled by the school nurse and instead of taking out his angry at the bullies he attacks the school nurse verbally. The reader is shown the beginnings of the sociopath to come.Layout 1

So you maybe asking where do we get the mix of Hit Girl comes into the cooking pot. Well my fellow comic reader our sociopath pays a visit to a very large green dragon and his clan, The Green Dragon Clan. After giving a nice humorous speak(Deadpool) Dead End sets out to kill every member of the clan. Looking like Hit Girl, Dead End dances and slashes his way thru all the clan. Killing each member in a bloody and messy way. In the end killing the dragon by setting his inside on fire. Oh yummy, fried dragon.

Herik Hanna throws together all these different characters to created a interesting new happy, smart ass, lunatic, psycho to hopefully fill in the need for more senseless death and destruction. I enjoyed the flash back to Dead End’s childhood. The story moves along a good pace and with the hints of Dead Ends past it makes you want to pick up a few issues to see more of his background.

Artist Bruno Bessadi does a wonderful, pleasing work. The action sequences are excellently drawn. Look hard enough you can see some great details down in those panels. If you are get squish mess at the sight of exploding pimple well the skip a page the high school flash back.

So I have to say I enjoyed BadAss #1. The humor of our anti-hero if funny but not Deadpool funny but good. Though this a book about a lunatic the violence was not as bad as some books I have read. To me that is a good thing because you do not have to exploding body parts to make a good action comic.

So in the end I give BadAss #1 3.5 pops out of 5.

Oh yeah the 1960’s Batman TV aspect.  Amadeus Kitty!?! Come on now,  you can not tell that this character would not fit there. Maybe we will see some Batnip later?

This is book 1 of 4 so I would get it if you have the extra cash and looking for something a little different.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.