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Movie Monday: The Reward

Hey all and welcome back to another Movie Monday.

Today short film is a animation from The Animation Workshop, Denmark.

Two young men in a small town, bored, find adventure from a heroic stranger that comes to town and leaves behind a map. At first the two men fight over the map and rip it in half. They are forced to work together for find the treasure and there is where the adventure begins. The art style of the is distinct mix magic and medieval sword play set in a very different world.  The characters finally come to find the treasure was the adventure. So take some time and watch this offbeat but very interesting piece.

Source: YouTube

Movie Monday’s: Heavenly Sword-Animated Series

Hey Poppers welcome back to another Movie Monday’s

Today’s movie is Heavenly Sword-Animated Series. Now if you remember that one of the launch titles for the PS3 was the game “Heavenly Sword”. Heavenly Sword is still considered to one to the best games for the PS3 after these years.

This movie/series tells the story of the Heavenly Sword. How it came to be and how man fought for the honor of holding the sword and welding its power. A band of warriors were chosen to take the sword and hold it and protect it from man until the savior was born to be the true holder.

The style of the series reminds me of the style used for the Afro Samurai series and is beautiful looking. The series was produced by Blinkink and animated by Chase animation.

So spend a few minutes to watch this piece.