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Half Past Danger

HPD_Issue1_Cover_SmlWhen I go to my favorite comic shop and get my books for the week I usually go to the “This Week In Comics” shelf and see what may catch my eye. This week it was Half Past Danger by Stephen Mooney. The cover art popped out to me. Looking like a poster for a Indian Jones movie this had me interested to see what was going on in the book. I was happily surprised that I like what I read and saw. I was over whelmed by the story or art but I did like the book. The book was created, written and drawn by Stephen Mooney and does have the feel of the old action adventure movies. Trying to capture the feel of the original Indian Jones movies, not so much the Crystal Skull one.

The story takes place in 1943 and follows our lead, staff sergeant Tommy “Irish” Flynn. The first part of the book we see Flynn and his platoon on a pacific island on patrol. First they come across Nazi’s that are not to there in the first place. The group decide that they should bypass the Nazi’s.  Bypassing the Nazi’s, Flynn and his boys come across something totally not expected, dinosaurs. They of course run into the big daddy of dinosaurs the T-Rex. Before you know what happens old Rexy has eaten most of the platoon. Flynn escapes with a camera and we see him two months later in a bar in New York. From there we come to the spy part of the story but like any good action serial we get more action. We meet Agent Huntington-Moss of the British Intelligence, Captain John Noble and a operative from Japan in the second half as they try and convince Flynn to join them.

Stephen Mo0ney does capture the feel of the 1930 serial in the book. I do have a hard time feeling anything really for the main character but hopefully I will get a feel for him in later reads. The art style is different but interesting. A little to dark at times. Stephen captures the humor nice in a couple of panels that I did like. The story is fast and dialogue is easy and not heavy and that I like that. Stephen also does good handle on showing emotion on the faces of his charters. I do wonder how he plans to introduce the Japanese player into the story and make it some what believable. Overall I like the book and do plan on getting a few more issues before I decide to put in my pull box.

So I give this book 3 T-Rex out of 5.

Remember comics are to enjoyed, not destroyed.


MOVIE MONDAY: 2 HOURS ― Award Winning Zombie Short Film (2012) HD

Here is the first of a hopefully continuing event where I find interesting short movies on the web and hopefully bring you some of the fine fan made, independent movies, short films made by some very talented artists.

So I bring to you 2 HOURS  a short zombie film made in 2012.

A nameless survivor is bitten and infected with the virus, a beautiful gift to the world. With only 2 HOURS to find the missing survivors, he must move quickly before the virus spreads too far.

This no-budget short film was shot on a Canon T2i with only two lenses. We utilized a crew of just three people throughout the entire production. After two years of hard work, the film is finally complete. We hope this goes to show what the endless possibilities there are for low-to-no-budget filmmakers. Never let the lack of equipment, gear, or money slow you down.

The above statement taken from the YouTube Page

Iron Man 3 My View

So ladies and nerds I just got back a couple of hours ago from seeing Iron Man 3 and I have to say I am please. Did I get the same excitement I got form  seeing the first Iron Man. No. I did still enjoy the movie and it is a a summer pop corn movie at it’s best. If you are a fan boy or girl and have any knowledge of Tony Stark and Iron Man history I am sure you will be pissed off. Remember thou that Marvel has to make a film for all to enjoy, not just fan nerds. The big thing that will piss off real fans of Iron Man is the treatment of the Mandarin. The Mandarin created by Stan Lee and portrayed as a genius scientist, master of Kung Fu and his ten power rings from alien technology. Well the Mandarin here is just a (Spoiler) patsy for the real villain of the film, Aldrich Killian played by Guy Pearce.

iron-man-3-new-posters-featuring-the-mandarinI for one did not mind  because of the acting of Ben Kingsley. Ben does a great job as a hippie actor hired to portray a terrorist mastermind. Ben also bring some to funniest moments to the film. Guy Pearce is also great as the villain of the movie and the leader of A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics). Yes I know A.I.M. is different from the Marvel comics but again this is a movie for the summer pop corn fair.

Robert Downey Jr is great again as Tony Stark. Gwyneth Paltrow returns to play Pepper Potts and I am happy to see her get into some of the action. I have always been a big fan of having strong female characters in action movies. Yes in 1 and 2 Gwyneth’s Pepper Potts did little action but in Iron Man 3 she finally gets to kick some ass and it was nice to see. Oh almost forgot about Don Cheadle. Not that he was not any good but I felt his part in Iron Man 3 was nothing more than a device to move the movie along. What a waste. Don was better used in Iron Man 2 and deserved better. The special affects again are great and we get to see a range of different suits that Tony has been working on through those sleepless nights. Another fun part of the movie is when Tony runs into a boy Harley Keener played by Ty Simpkins. The chemistry between the two is great and is another highlight of the movie.

If you have stayed this long to read my little view of the movie, thanks. But if you looking for some in depth review with me looking for some deep meaning in the movie or analyzing different aspects of the film then you be sorry. I am just a fan and not a serious reviewer. I go to movies to lose myself for a couple of hours and hope to have fun.

By the time you read this Iron Man 3 has probably made a shitload of money and really if you want to see it nothing I say or anyone else says will stop you from going. So go and have fun.

I give Iron Man 3, 3 and 1/2 drunk Tony Starks out of 5


Let me know what you think of Iron Man 3



R.I.P.D.- Official Trailer

I for one have not heard a whole lot about this movie, R.I.P.D. Rest in Peace Department but the trailer sure looks fun.
The movie is about a recently deceased police officer Nick Walker played by Ryan Reynolds and his partner, Roy Pulsipher played by Jeff Bridges. They track down the deceased that have evaded judgement.
You will notice that this trailer looks and feels like a Men In Black movie. Is this good or bad for the movie? Depends if you just want to watch a movie and have fun or pick the shit out of it.
Take a look.