Brannon Braga Talks “Enterprise”

ImageIn a interview with TrekCore, Brannon Braga talks about his years in the Star Trek universe. Braga talks about starting his carrer as a staff writer on ST:TNG to Voyager and help co-create  Enterprise with Rick Berman. Brannon cites Voyager’s 100th episode “Timeless” as one of his crown achievements and it would of been a classic TNG episode.  Also talks about the plans for Enterprise if a fifth season was a go. Along with show runner Manny Coto more Mirror Universes episodes were planned that sounded really interesting.  Also talking about Enterprise Brannon Braga says that if you want to see another season of Enterprise he tells people to watch Netflix.  The success of Arrested Development on Netflix and also the rumors of Jericho maybe getting the same treatment as Arrested Development. Braga simple tells Enterprise fans to watch Netflix. So jump over to TrekCore to read the entire interview by Adam Walker and Chris Wales.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Stamps

The Royal Stamp released of the special Dr Who stamps today to celebrate the upcoming 50th anniversary. Stamps of each of the 11 Doctors is represented plus the Tardis and four the Doctors enemies.  The Dalek, Cybermen, Ood and the Weeping Angel. Each of the Doctors faces are shown on the stamps with the open sequence also. The first two stamps are in black and white as the first two Doctors eras were shot in black and white.  It looks like the stamps will only be available in the U.K. so unless you have a connection with someone in the U.K. you are out of luck. The stamps do look amazing.

Constantine #1

Constantine #1

Hey Nerds.

Ummm….. Constantine #1. Lets see. Well I have to say this book for me was not a easy read. Not saying the story was hard but it just did not flow smoothly as I read it. I have to say I know very little of this charactor except for the movie of the same name that starred the “wwwoooo dude” man. The book is written by Ray Fawkes and Jeff Lemire. Art by Renato Guedes and color by Marcelo Mailol. I talk first about the art work which is the thing at atracts me first to any book. Renato work is interesting and very detailed. I like to see his art of The Batman. The color by Marcelo Maiolo almost has the look of being painted not just done on a PC.

The story, well it was interesting but it just did not seem to keep me interested. Constantine was nearly destroyed by magic in is youth and now he is in a battle to keep the balance and keep anyone from becoming to strong in magic. That sometimes requires sacrificing things or people. Constantine is required to do so in this first book but it nothing special. The incident did nothing for me. I found that it was a throw away only to show that Constantine would do what was needed to keep balance. The reader had nothing invested in the story so it was a “whatever” moment.

So in the end I give Constantine #1 3 drunken monkeys out of 5. Mostly for the art. But WTF this my opinion. Pick it up you may like it more than me.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed, not destroyed.