ImageHowdy hey good neighbors. So in my pull box I fond a copy of the Age Of Ultron. My first impression was oh is it pretty. It reminded me of the covers the comic companies started rolling out in the boom of the 80’s. STOPPED IT. Just give your readers good story and great art. Okay sorry about the little rant.

The book written by Brain Michael Bendis with art by Bryan Hitch and ink by Paul Neary. The inside page tells us that Ultron was created by Hank Pym and has a hatred for humanity. The next few page we see destruction i mass scale and metal cities are up built up around the destruction. Terminator anyone? Ok I have see so much TV, comics, movies that I see much of all media mixed in with other. So getting excited about many of the books, TV and movies I see is hard. Sorry.

Like the Terminator movies I was sucked into the world. Only this time we have The Avengers along with the rest of humanity fighting for their lives and when we see them it is not going so well. The first book main story is Hawkeye going out to rescue one of his fellow Avengers. Not telling who, you have to read the book. The story is good and fast paced giving the reader enough story to keep turning the pages. At one point a number of Ultron’s metal warriors attack the building that holds the hostage Hawkeye is after. At first I thought my eye sight was messed up by the blurring of the panels created to show the effect of rumbling of the building. As much as it was a bit of a pain in the ass at first I did come to like the effect.

A not so happy Captain America

Hawkeye and his recused hero make their why to safety where they meet up with the rest of surviving Avengers and are not welcomed.  The remaining Avengers are in hiding and waiting for a plan from Captain America and old Cap is not looking all that happy.

So in the end I like this book. Yeah I really don’t think it is original but what the hey. Would I have picked it up if it was not in my pull box, probably not. But like the Terminator movies I have to read to see what happens. But I will not pick up the other books linked to the series. Marvel you get enough of my money but if you got money to spend pick up this book.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed not destroyed.


Hulk Not Smashing Up In New Movie

ImageIt appears that at this time there will not be a new stand alone Hulk movie. While Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and The Avengers will be getting sequels it looks like the big green dude will not. Now I don’t know about you all but I was very happy with Mark Ruffalo. Mark did a great job as Bruce Banner. Of course Joss Whedon helped a little. I am sure if Joss could find the time to do a new Hulk movie it would be successful. So until the next Avengers movie comes out will have to just wait for May 1, 2015. Image

Mark Ruffalo tweeted about the situation saying “A lot of folks have been asking about the Next Hulk. The next time you see my Hulk it will be in the Avengers2. No plans for stand alone.” and shortly after that “I am not giving up on another stand alone HULK. But it’s not in the works right now. One never knows what the future will bring.”

So there you have it. Count the days.


The Pop Culture Cafe

Hey all. So I have decide on calling my blog The Pop Culture Cafe from now on. I have been finding more and more of the stuff of the world of Nerds popping up in my site. So I find this more along what the blog is becoming. The same old stuff will be here and hopefully I will still give you my odd take on the world of Nerdom

New Name

Hi all. If you drop by ever so often to take a look around I thank you for doing so. Lately I have been thinking of changing the blogs name. It will still be the same only the name will be changed to protect the innocent. Okay maybe not the innocent but a name change all the same. Please keep coming by and LLAP.

Animated First Regeneration oF The First Doctor

BBC Worldwide has released a new clip from the upcoming animation treatment of The Tenth Planet. The clips shows the original change of actor William Hartnell to Patrick Troughton. It was William Hartnell’s last appearance as Doctor Who and Patrick Troughton’s first as the new Doctor Who though he was uncredited. This is also the first appearance of the Cybermen. Planet 55 Studio is in charged of the animation and The Tenth Planet will be a DVD release later in 2013