Guardians Of The Galaxy #1

Hey Guardians how you all doing?. So Guardians #1 has come out and was the wait worth it?

To start things off we find our hero Peter Quill, A.K.A. Star-Lord in a bar trying to pick up some hot blue babe in a bar. Well that is how I see it. Everything going swell until the imperial guards show up, oh sorry the Spartax honor guard show up along with Peter’s daddy. Little old Peter comes to  have some daddy issues. A guy from outer space lands, knocks up your mom with you and jumps into his space ship and flies away. Wouldn’t you? Daddy tells Peter that he and the COUNCIL OF GALACTIC EMPIRES(does it make it impressive when I put in it caps)have agreed to leave earth alone if no one sets foot on earth soil. Have any of these Empires hear of Galactus? So like any good son that has daddy issues, Peter plans to do the opposite. Later we find Tony Stark, A.K.A. Iron-man taking a Sunday drive in space and he comes across the Baboon and The Guardians Of The Galaxy, Star-Lord, The Assassin Gamora, Groot, Drax The Destroyer and Rocket Raccoon. You know what happens next, Tea party. No a fight. Oh guess what happens later to Earth, go ahead and guess.

GuardiansOfTheGalaxy_1_CoverThe story by Brian Micheal Bendis in book #1 is mostly just a set up for the series and is nicely written. Easy to read and pleasurable, not cramming to much heavy material in the book. The art work by Steve McNiven is great, love it. Also the inker, John Dell and colors by Justin Ponsor really help to flush out Steve’s art.

So did I enjoy this book? Yeah I did. It was really nothing special but a nice read. Not taxing on the brain.

I give it 3 drunken monkeys out of five.

You think Rocket Raccoon secret weakness is garbage cans???

Remember comics are to be enjoyed, not destroyed



Awkward and Stange Comic Panels

ImageSo your reading one of your favorite comic and you come across a panel that taken out of context may seem a little wrong or funny.

Slightlywarped has compiled a few of these types of panels. Some a just strange and other a disturbing. Also you can see the evolution of the writing style and how our few have changed over time. The treatment of woman in comics to awkward treatment of other cultures.

You may seen some of these pictures on other sites but is well worth a look again.

Star Trek: The Video Game

To promote the release of the new video game Star Trek: The Video Game, Namco Bandai games got together two old friends. William Shatner and the Gorn sit down in this funny ad. Set to be released in April just before the opening of the new Star Trek film, Star Trek Into Darkness. in the video game the Gorn look very different from the Gorn in the Star Trek series episode “Arena”. It is always good to see Shatner being Shatner.