ImageHowdy all you nerd-pokes. So I picked up Fantastic Four #2 & #3 to find out how the next two issues may give me a idea of the direction the series maybe heading. So the feeling I got from reading these two issues is that this could be a good old adventure series. Now I talking about adventure in the lines of  something along a Indiana Jones in comic book form. Okay maybe not in the lines of a Indiana Jones movie but I hope you understand my meaning.  Matt Fraction’s writing is light and enjoyable with very little of the tech babble that you see in books and in TV shows these days. To me it seems that more books spend there time trying to show off how technical they can be then just writing a good story. Again like I wrote in my review of FF#1 I still am reminded of the old Lost in Space TV show from 1965–1968. Now that is not a bad thing because that show was good fun. I also can see a similar style to shows like Supernatural that has a core story that has a tread thru the series but it still has their creature of the week.  Both books are a good read and fun. Also the feeling of books written in the 70’s and 80’s. The good books written in the era. Mark Bagley art is still enjoyable to look at, smooth and pleasing to the eye. The ink work by Mark Farmer and Mark Morales really help the art pop out.

Overall the did like the new FF and hope that the writing and art can keep up. ImageI hope that the book will continue to be a good adventure book. If they can continue to have the creature of the month and Reed’s quest for a cure as the anchor thru the series I for one hope this has a good run.

So in the short hairs of the review was the FF #2 & #3 a fun read? Hell yeah and I may add it to my pull list. Only I have to remove one the list also to make room.

Remember comics are made to be enjoy, not destroyed.