I have waited a bit before I gave any of my views of the relaunch of the Valiant universe to see how the new Valiant compared to old.  I have to say I am very, very pleased and of all the titles ArImagecher & Armstrong has become my favorite of the relaunch. Archer & Armstrong #7 keeps me wanting more. Writer Fred Van Lente easily jumps back and forth from the past and present with ease and does not make it feel forced.  I love the humor in the story and the back and forth between Archer and Armstrong. I like that the new geomancer, Kay McHenry is not totally in control of her new powers and is in aw of the things she can now do. I enjoy the art by Emanuela Lupacchino with his smooth lines and his facial expression on the characters are great and remind me of Kevin Maguire work. Not to be left out the ink work or Guillermo Ortego and Colors by Matt Milla are great and not to be overlooked.

So over all this is one of the top books of the new Valiant Universe and the top of my pull list ever month. I don’t rate books but is I was this is one of the 5 out of 5.

So is the book fun, HELL yeah and I highly recommend it. Get out and get it now.

Remember comics are meant to be enjoyed, not destroyed


Gollum sings I Dreamed a Dream

I turn on my computer and on my home is If you have not check it out you should. Excellent site for nerds. Anywho on the main page was a Youtube video done by Ijameswalters of Gollum singing I Dreamed a Dream from “Les Miserables” You have to watch this. It is excellent and his voice is excellent. Ijameswalters changes up some of the words to make it a little more special. Check it out.