Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1

ImageAnother new entry into the Marvel Now univerise is Guardians Of The Galaxy. Written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Steve McNiven and inker John Dell. Rumors of a Guardians Of The Galaxy movie coming out in 2014 Marvel has decided to relaunch a Guardians comic. Issue 0.1 is the back story of the leader of the group, Peter Quill. Peter is the son of Spartax royalty and being royalty he becomes a target of his fathers enemy the Badoon. The splash page of this book looks like the opening credits of a sci-fi movie. After that the book is just a filler until the regular issues start to roll out. In some ways it reminds me of those filler episodes of TV shows that have those” remember what happen in early episodes” filler. Now I am not saying the book is bad, not at all. The story is interesting and the art work by Steve NcNiven is great.  It was a good quick read before bed. But if you are looking at books to read and are not collecting then I say pass on this book. If your a collector and want to have the full set then by all means pick it this book up.

So all in all the book was enjoyable and fun to read. But I say wait until issue #1 to start.

Remember comics are meant to be enjoyed not destroyed.


Star Trek: Aurora

I have been a fan of the Star Trek universe since the original series and have watched every movie and TV series that was made. Lately I have been watching a few of the  fan base productions Star Trek and I have to say they are well done and worth the look. The top of my list is Star Trek:Phase II a fan base series created by James Cawley and Jack Marshall in April 2003. The series is only on the internet and funded by donations.  CBS (and previously Paramount Pictures) allow the series to continue as long as Star Trek:Phase II does not make a profit. The series is well worth you checking out. Some of the original Star Trek stars have appeared in some of the episodes.

The latest one I have watch is also a fan production that is a fully animated  CGI adventure, Star Trek: Aurora.  Created by Tim Vining this adventure is about a pair of interstellar merchants and a mishap that happens one of their runs. The story is good and the CGI is great for a fan production and demands a look.  If you have heard of or watched a series called Reboot the  CGI is similar. I look forward to more adventures of the Aurora crew.


I have waited a bit before I gave any of my views of the relaunch of the Valiant universe to see how the new Valiant compared to old.  I have to say I am very, very pleased and of all the titles ArImagecher & Armstrong has become my favorite of the relaunch. Archer & Armstrong #7 keeps me wanting more. Writer Fred Van Lente easily jumps back and forth from the past and present with ease and does not make it feel forced.  I love the humor in the story and the back and forth between Archer and Armstrong. I like that the new geomancer, Kay McHenry is not totally in control of her new powers and is in aw of the things she can now do. I enjoy the art by Emanuela Lupacchino with his smooth lines and his facial expression on the characters are great and remind me of Kevin Maguire work. Not to be left out the ink work or Guillermo Ortego and Colors by Matt Milla are great and not to be overlooked.

So over all this is one of the top books of the new Valiant Universe and the top of my pull list ever month. I don’t rate books but is I was this is one of the 5 out of 5.

So is the book fun, HELL yeah and I highly recommend it. Get out and get it now.

Remember comics are meant to be enjoyed, not destroyed