The German

Written and Directed by Nick Ryan and starring Toby Kebbell and Christian Brassington this 10 minute short tells the story of a British fighter pilot pursuing and shooting down a German fighter pilot that has shot down one of his fellow comrades. The battles concludes on the ground where the British pilot finds it more difficult to shot your enemy face to face. This is another fine exsample of shorts out there that are hidden. The movie also has a nice little twist at the end and a fact about the war I did not know about. The film has over 1 million hits so it is doing something right.


Zombie In A Penguin Suit

The zombie craze is going strong and they come all shapes and sizes. I found this little movie while I was playing with Stumble. If you do not have Stumble then get it. This short was made back in 2011. There is no dialogue in the short only music but it works well. It is cute to see a zombie in a penguin suit munching away on people. There is a what they were before at the end credits.

Sci-Fi Shows Would You Like To See Again?


With the recent news that a Veronica Mars movie has gotten a kick start from Kickstarter and has raised over 2 million dollars to help get the movie started. Bastr has asked you what the the 8 sci-fi shows that you would like to see get the Kickstarter treatment. The first off the top of my head would be Firefly. Firefly had so much going for it and was never really given a good look at by Fox. Another show for me would be Star Trek: Enterprise. The show was only on for 4 season but season 4 was when it started to get going. Manny Coto became the new executive producer for t

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Clone Wars Comes To A End.

ImageAccording to numerous sites Star Wars; The Clone Wars in now finished and the last episode was March 5. After Disney purchased Lucasfilm the thought was that Clone Wars would be moved a Disney-owned TV home but it has been cancelled.

But according to fans will not be left out in the cold and story arcs that have been written so far will be released later filling in the gaps that happen during the five seasons. The content will be released sometime in the future as bonus content.

Also Detours a show being developed by Lucasfilm and Seth Green, Matthew Senreich, and Todd Grimes will be released at a later date. A official statement from Dave Filoni, director of Clone Wars detailing what fans can expect in the future.

Go to to watch a video from Dave Filoni, supervising director of Clone Wars.

Bryan Singers Directing Star Trek?

Bryan Singer

So would you like to see Byran Singer direct the next installment of Star Trek? If Star Trek Into Darkness becomes a hit and it should. J.J Abrams maybe to busy with the new Star Wars movie. Byran Singer did express interest in directing the next installment of Star Trek.

Bryan Singer talked IGN and talked about the pressure of taking over someone else’s franchise. You can read the full story at

What do you think? Would Bryan Singer be a good choice if J.J. Abrams can not do the next Star Trek?