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Cosplay Thursday

Hey Poppers

Well once again I have dug far and deep into the web to find some great Cosplay. Okay not really. But WTF where can you find some really great cosplayers out there. Okay everywhere. Stop looking at me like that.

Oh just go and enjoy some of these great Cosplay.

Source: Cosplay Facebook.

Through A Child’s Eye.

A few months ago I took my 6 year old son to his (and my) first gaming expo.

Having listened to the reports from the 2012 and 2013 Play Expo Manchester (UK) events by Paul and Dave from Big Kids Playground, I was eager to experience one of the events for myself. Luckily this year saw the return of Play Blackpool, an event aimed more towards retro consoles and indie developers rather than the more new-release style of the main Play Expo. To me, this was perfect as it meant I could relive my gaming memories from my younger days, while also showing my son what gaming was like when I was his age. Tickets were bought, hotel was booked, and a couple of hundred miles of driving was done.

The main hall was split into roughly 3 sections – old arcade systems, retro consoles, and indie devs. Sadly, we had to pass over most of the arcade machines, as the height of the screens and controls meant they were unplayable for a 6 year old, which made the retro systems our primary section for the day.

Watching my boy’s eyes light up at the rows and rows of consoles, none of which he’d ever seen before, was an awesome sight. Despite his normal gaming being on my PS3 & X360 and on his Nintendo DS, he happily got straight into the likes of Pong and Centipede, games which to me do look fairly old and dated now, but to him were fantastically simple and fun games that needed next to no instructions. He picked up controllers that he’d never before used, but almost instinctively knew how to work them. We spent hours moving from one system to the next, working our way from the early Vectrex and Intellivision systems, through the Atari’s and NES years, into the 16 bit era and beyond through to the xbox and playstation generations. By the end of the day, I had lost count of how many different games and different systems we’d been on.

Being honest, I was completely envious of my lad that day. In my (almost) 30 years of gaming, I’ve already owned half the systems that were on show, but to him everything was new. Here he was at 6 years old, with a massive history of gaming available to him. When I was his age, gaming was still in its infancy, and I’ve had to grow old along side it. I can only dream of what gaming will be like when he reaches my age, and can only hope that in the year 2040, as I approach 60, I still enjoy it as much as I do now. You never know, maybe I’ll be tagging along as my son takes his own kids to a retro expo to show them what gaming was like when their dad was a boy.


Editorial: Identity Crisis

Hey Poppers

I fellow I know thru the guys at Big Kids Playground,Dougie (aka Scruffy Doug) wrote a little piece about his thoughts on being a geek. So take sometime here and have a read. I am sure you know what he is talking about.

If you are reading this, there is a fair chance that, like me, you are a Geek. We are Geeks. We are happy to be Geeks. We are proud to be Geeks. And most importantly, we don’t deny that we are Geeks. The world however, still seems surprised at this. 
Despite the current global success of the Batman, X-Men, and Avengers franchises, the public opinion of being a comic book fan is still a negative one, with the term “geek” often used as a put-down. Admitting that you are a grown man who reads comic books or who plays video games can still get the same reaction as saying that you keep all your toenail clippings in a jar in the kitchen. Watching the mind-numbing, pointless, fly-on-the-wall garbage that is Big Brother, X-Factor, Jersey Shore, The Kardashians etc is somehow accepted as being normal, yet reading a graphic novel with well written plots and interesting characters is deemed weird. And as such, we geeks are deemed weird.
So, are we weird? Are we saddo’s with no lives? Are we some sort of underclass that look and act differently to the general public? Do we all fit the standardised “geek” image? Well, sure, I’ve no doubt that there are some of us out there who do fit the standard image of a “geek”. You know, single, long greasy hair, probably an unkempt patchy beard (with the remains of 3 day old biscuits and noodles still stuck in it), possibly thick glasses, spotty complexion, a waist band that is longer than the wearer is tall, uses computer code to talk to friends, and lives in parents loft/basement despite approaching 40y/o. Basically, Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.
However, for me personally, and I’m sure for a large number of my fellow geeks out there, this image couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m early 30’s, married with 2 kids, live in my own home, I don’t speak fluent Klingon, I don’t have every episode of Big Bang Theory under my TV, my appearance is closer to that of a thug (shaven head, tattoos, goatee beard), and I’m more than happy to get my hands dirty by getting stuck in to any DIY or car repair jobs that need doing. But that all said, I still love my tech, my games, and my comics/movies. And I’m still extremely proud to declare that I am a geek.
Dougie (AKA: Scuffy Doug)

Hello, I’m pleased to meet you!


Hi, and thankyou for taking the time to read this entry on the Pop Culture Cafe blog!

My name is Paul and I’m a long serving geek from the UK who loves video games, comics and movies, and I’ve been invited by the host of Pop Culture Cafe, John, to write a few posts every now and again.  This first post is really just to break me in and get to meet you all, next time I’ll be talking about some of the comics I’ve been reading, like the Spider Island or Infinity Gauntlet collections, or maybe about the pre-release demo builds of Destiny and Battlefield: Hardline I’ve been spending time with on the Playstation 4!

Whatever I come back with, I hope you’ll share with us the passion and enthusiasm for all the cool stuff that makes being a geek such a pleasure and make sure you listen to John’s Pop Culture Cafe Podcast for the latest news, or my own show, Big Kids Playground, for a relentless tornado of poor-taste humour and the best TV, movie and video game recommendations, available on iTunes,, Tune In Radio and Stitcher!

Bye for now!

Paul “accident man” Terry

Twitter: @BKPlayground