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Cosplay Thursday

Well, well it is time another Cosplay Thursday. This time I have a couple of tiny cosplayer in the bunch. Sorry for the girls just looking for the hot cosplay girls.

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug!

The Game Huntress

PAll year since the end of the first part of The Hobbit, I have been waiting impatiently for the next chapter to start, even in   the previous months whenever I would see the commercials for Desolation of Smaug, it would drive me insane and now that I have finally seen the newest movie in the saga I cannot wait for the final movie to come out! Rumors that I have heard are that we won’t have to wait until Christmas time for the third installment to come out and that it could be the middle of the year but then on the other hand I have also heard we’ll have to wait until about the same time so who knows what they are trying to do! All I know is that I have loved The Lord of the Rings series for as long as I can remember, I love The hobbit just the same, these movies definitely are in…

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Well guess what is happening again Poppers. That’s right it is another round of Cosplay Thursday. I have to tell yeah I don’t think that I will ever run out of amazing people and the work they create. So once again look at some great pieces.

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Movie Mondays: The Device

Hey Poppers and welcome back to a Movie Mondays.

Here is a short but interesting little flick I found.

A young man finds a little device that helps teleport him to anyplace that he happens to be looking at at the time he presses the button on the device. But remember that one has to be careful when playing with teleportation.

Directed by Claude Lee Sadik and produced by Claude Lee Sadik and Jorge Planello. Starring Leo Mates

Source: YouTube

The King is dead. Long live the King. The dethroning of George Lucas

A while ago I got together with a group of like minded people that enjoy getting together and chatting about the world of sci fi and fantasy. In other words a bunch of nerds that love these worlds and the escape it provides us. The conversations bounce around from silly stuff of old TV shows. Who has seen the latest movie and is it worth the few bucks to see it.images
The one thing that came up a few times, beside how bad the Twilight movies are was how George Lucas has destroyed the Star Wars universe. The man that had created this mass universe had turned it into a huge money maker and a money only. George had taken his franchise and turned it into a joke.

I agree to a point. Yes the long awaited prequels were not what we had hoped for.  The fans around the world of the original three movies, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back  and Return Of The Jedi had hope for that same magic and awe we had felt from these three. Remember the feeling as the Star Destroyer came into scene in Star Wars. We felt robbed. Jar Jar Binks became and I believe still is the symbol for our disappointment. But we have to remember that without George Lucas the whole universe would not of became a reality.

I not sure if we will really know if his true intentions. Did George just want keep it going and create a second series that would appeal to a younger audience. Did George not care about the millions of fans that had help create his empire by trying to cash in on a second wave of Star Wars fans? Maybe George truly believed that The Phantom Menace, Attack Of The Clones and Revenge Of The Sith were good enough to please everyone.

Sometimes when you create a world that you are it’s god and yes in a small way George is god to these characters and worlds, that he can not see past his own vision. Someone should of told George that Jar Jar was a joke and the Anakin was a whiny little prick. But now the King has decided to step down and had the crown to another.

Mickey Mousegeorge-lucas-star-wars

Well really Disney and Disney passed the crown to the new King, J. J. Abrams. All hail the new King. J. J. Abrams work on rebooting the Star Trek Universe and now the fans of Star Wars a hoping he can save the Star Wars universe from become less of a joke.

I have rarely watch Parts 1,2 and 3. They in no way stir up the same excitement and joy in me that Parts 4, 5 and 6 have. Can J.J. Abrams and Disney really save the world we love? Will we as fans quickly turn on Disney and J.J. if we are not satisfied with what our vision is.

As much as we love to hate George, I can not. I can disagree with his vision but I will not turn on him because without Mr Lucas I would never have wanted to fly among the stars and look into the night sky hoping that I could to travel through space. Fights fantastic battles and be the hero.

So the King is Dead, Long live the King.

My King will always be George Lucas



Hey Poppers

I love Cosplay. I don’t dress up in anything but I have a respect for all the people that spend the time and money to create some amazing pieces. Someday I may get around to making something to wear but until then I love to show you out there in the internet somebeautiful people and their work.

Source: Cosplay Facebook Page