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Sci-Fi Shows Would You Like To See Again?


With the recent news that a Veronica Mars movie has gotten a kick start from Kickstarter and has raised over 2 million dollars to help get the movie started. Bastr has asked you what the the 8 sci-fi shows that you would like to see get the Kickstarter treatment. The first off the top of my head would be Firefly. Firefly had so much going for it and was never really given a good look at by Fox. Another show for me would be Star Trek: Enterprise. The show was only on for 4 season but season 4 was when it started to get going. Manny Coto became the new executive producer for t

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The Pop Culture Cafe

Hey all. So I have decide on calling my blog The Pop Culture Cafe from now on. I have been finding more and more of the stuff of the world of Nerds popping up in my site. So I find this more along what the blog is becoming. The same old stuff will be here and hopefully I will still give you my odd take on the world of Nerdom

New Name

Hi all. If you drop by ever so often to take a look around I thank you for doing so. Lately I have been thinking of changing the blogs name. It will still be the same only the name will be changed to protect the innocent. Okay maybe not the innocent but a name change all the same. Please keep coming by and LLAP.

Gollum sings I Dreamed a Dream

I turn on my computer and on my home is If you have not check it out you should. Excellent site for nerds. Anywho on the main page was a Youtube video done by Ijameswalters of Gollum singing I Dreamed a Dream from “Les Miserables” You have to watch this. It is excellent and his voice is excellent. Ijameswalters changes up some of the words to make it a little more special. Check it out.


I found out this liImagettle bit of info concerning Wolverine from the man him self from his twitter account, @JohnByrneSays.

If X-MEN had not happened — more specifically if Len had not felt deadline constraints and turned the book over to Chris……Wolverine would have been an eighteen year old kid with the claws in the gloves. Does that sound like a winner?

Don’t know about you but that would of been one hell of a idea. Only if he was in the Archie comics.

Photo: Wolverine pencil sketch by John Byrne from 1979.

From John Byrnes Twitter account


The twitter account apparently not John Byrne’s but the quote I believe is accurate.

Harrsion Ford Agrees To Reprise His Role As Han Solo

Harrison Ford

Last week news broke that Harrison Ford has agreed to reprise his as Han Solo. This is good news if your a fan of the movies series. I for one hope this will make the new movies better with just him in it. Get Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher back then it will help get the new movies a good start. Latino Review reporter Umberto “El Mayimbe” Gonzalez broke the news on Fox News Friday.

“I found out yesterday. I did my due diligence, like I do with everything. Triple-checked. Legitimate sources. … His deal is done,” Gonzalez said.

So hopefully fans this is accurate and not one of those rumors that wish for but does not happen.