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VGC: Five in a Row

The Game Huntress

Good morning Saturday! Well that’s what it felt like to be able to sleep in on a Saturday! I almost forgot what it felt like, if only I had Sunday off but Noo! someone ruined that for me but I wont get into that at the moment. *grumble grumble*

Challenge: Game you have played Five times.
Answer: Mass Effect Surprise! Surprise! I know 😀
No matter how many times I play the Original Mass Effect I cant keep myself from playing it over and over again. Hurry up with Mass Effect 4 Bioware!
“I am Commander Shepard and this is my favorite blog on the Citadel!”
Why thank you Shep!

Until tomorrow
Getcha Game on!

This is the game huntress signing off and remember wherever there is XP or Achievements I will be on the hunt!

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Gotham TV review- Episode 1#


I was always a Marvel guy.I just was.I checked out  DC’s ARROW about 6 episodes into it’s first season and was impressed.Since then I am hooked on it ,and each new episode gets better and better.I intend to watch FLASH here in a few weeks also.However, tonight was my chance to check out the first episode of Gotham i had PVR ‘ed earlier in the week.

It tells the story of early Gotham,before Batman,when crime families ran the streets, but nobody ran around in masks.I think they wisely tonight made the focus more on Jim Gordon and less on Batman.He’s more of a Catalyst, then a player in the story which is a wise move(though I could stand to see more Sean Pertwee as Alfred the Butler).We received introductions to a unhealthy(see below) amount of players tonight.They played around with the Batman Mythology a bit, but they kind of had to for this to work.Some were full introductions.Some were only glimpses of what was to come.

Jim Gordon is played by Ben Mckenzie.I’m not familiar with his work on Southland or the O.C, which to me is a good thing since I like when i don’t compare actors to their previous work, and let them flesh the role out in their own way.Unfortunately, I could not say the same thing of Harvey Bullock. Donal Logue, who I had seen play a masterful bad ass in SONS OF ANARCHY seemed a bit contained playing this character.I know he does not have NEAR the leeway on Fox as he would have had on pay channel FX, but i know his range, and tonight he did not come anywhere near it.

Rounding out the rest of the cast, is a who’s who of future Batman villians .Penguin, Catwoman,Poison ivy, Riddler,Fish Mooney(played ruthlessly,sexy and slyly all bundled in one tight package known as Jada Pinkett Smith) and Carmine Falcone.I suspect we’re going to see these characters grow into their persona’s as the series moves on, but i’m not sure I would have dropped so many of these characters tonight.We got to meet Jim’s fiancee Barbara played by Erin Richards.To me she is the weakest link of the cast.Carmen Bicondova (spoiler alert) never said a word as Selina Kyle and i thought she did a better acting job tonight.

It’s beautifully shot and they definitely gave Gotham a more updated feel to it then any of the movies(minus Nolan’s possibly) ever have.They did not shy away from showing the violence and brutality that Gotham now lives under .Bloodletting is important when there is a point to be made.Gotham seems to get that.The story flowed nicely and they foreshadowed the coming season correctly.

I always give new Series 5 Episodes before I continue, or call it a day.After 1 episode I suspect “Gotham” will get a full seasons worth of viewing from me.Thanks for reading

Scott Carey

Comic Review: Grimm Fairy Tales VS Wonderland 1-3


Joe Brusha
Ralph tedesco
Pat shand
Troy brownfield
Luca claretti
Leonardo paciarotti
Jim Campbell
Pat Shand

I should begin by disclosing I’ ve not followed this world so far. Wonderland is a bit of a new realm to me, other than the obvious references to Alice in Wonderland. As I read through these three books I felt I had missed out on a richly developed universe I wanted to learn more about. Along with telling a strong story so far,(Issue #4 is a must for me) it was able to inter-twine a fair amount of information on what had come before. There was a brief recap of the origins of the players in this new crossover Chapter.

I enjoyed the fantastic  art in these books. Luca Claretti knows how to draw strong , sexy ,powerful women with just a hint of a throwback to the art that inspired the original stories of Alice in Wonderland. The panels flowed seamlessly and laid out the story quite well.

The story behind  the Guardian and the White Queen coming together was a bit simplistic  but once they were together their interaction and dialogue that accompanied it was quite well done. The interaction between the Rabbit and the cat was chuckle worthy in a good way at most times also. An F bomb got dropped that I wasn’t crazy about, as it didn’t add anything to the story and timing is everything with dialogue like that.

The overall story so far has been a great standalone tale that furthered the main characters goals and storyline while fleshing out the origins of  what I assume will be the main Antagonist’s “footsoldier”. It easier to hate or sympathize with a villain if you know his past……that was definitely accomplished here.

My only main critique other than the errand F bomb was that Sela Mathers and the White Queens dialogue seemed to have a twinge of “guy talk” to it. Female Heroines have always been at their best to me when they use their language almost as much as a weapon as their powers. If I wasn’t aware a gent had written this fine story(Troy Brownfield, who still told a pretty good yarn), the fight scence between the Guardian and White Queen would have given it away.

Whenever I drop myself into any story like this where there is a rich history behind what I am reading, I ask myself two questions. Could the story standalone without knowing the tale’s History before?….and do I want to read more to learn about how we got where we are? For Grimm Fairy Tales VS Wonderland the answer was yes on both counts. I look forward to reading Book 4.

Scott Carey

VGC: Look I’m Dancin’

The Game Huntress

The most annoying character award goes to:
Drum Roll please!
imagesGPY3VS97Claptrap From the Borderlands series, now I am usually one to love robots but however he was one that drove me nuts and I only played maybe the first mission or two. Most of the time  he would say “Look I am Dancin’ ” and falls over or just gets in the way. I don’t recall him being much of a helpful character anyway and that voice ugh his voice! My ears were never happy when he was flapping his jaw so to speak. I didn’t really care for Borderlands from what I did play so maybe that’s why he drives me insane. Some may agree and some may disagree and that’s your outlook!

Now there are some more equally annoying characters but alas none popped into my head other than him at the moment. Pretty sure he was written to be annoying…

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VGC: Day 5

The Game Huntress

HI welcome to day fives hurdle I ahem mean challenge. Todays topic is a Character that I am most like, which is none that’s the great thing about video games I can become any character as I please! I love being sucked into a storyline where I get to be extraordinary not just ordinary plan me. That’s why I game. Enough said.

imagesDZ5GOMTOInstead I picked one of my favorite characters that I would like to be more like, and the one person that instantly popped into my skull was Lara Croft from Tomb Raider! There is a badass woman who can kick some serious donkey tail when she has too. She is adventurous and is always up for trying new things, She is strong-willed and I admire her for that. I wouldn’t want to go through some of the things like she does in the reboot of 2013, No thank…

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The winners of the 2014 Joe Shuster Awards


JSA2014_poster_V3_smWriter / Scénariste

  • Kurtis Wiebe – Rat Queens 1-3, Peter Panzerfaust 8-15, Dia De Los Muertos 3
    “Lonesome” (Image)
  • Rat_Queens_Issue_1_cover

Cartoonist / Auteur

  • Zviane – les Deuxièmes (Pow Pow)
  • couverture_deuxiemes

Artist / Dessinateur

  • Fiona Staples – Saga 9-17 (Image)
  • Saga_9_cover1

Cover Artist / Dessinateur Couvertures

  • Julie Rocheleau
  • fant

Webcomics Creator / Créateur de Bandes Dessinées Web

The Dragon Award (Comics for Kids) / Le Prix Dragon (Bandes Dessinées pour Enfants)

dragonsm2This award recognizes the works which capture the attention and fascination of young readers, and help to create a passion for life-long reading. Works considered for this award are comic books and graphic novels by Canadian creators that are targeted at readers 14 and under. Nominees for this award are selected from the eligible creators lists by a team of educators led by Jennifer Haines, MA, B.Ed., who is also the proprietor of Guelph, Ontario’s The…

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