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TPCCafe S7 Ep 224 If The Carriage Is A Rocking Don’t Come A Knocking

Well boys and girls this is the end of season 7. Scott needs a break and I thought okay can do. So this show we about IDW, Fox, The Umbrella Academy, The Emmy’s, Comicsgate, AMC/Universal, and Comic-Con on youTube. Also, we talk about Mr. Robot, Carnival Row. Also about I talked about more short films on YouTube that you can find at

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TPCCafe S7 Ep 223 Stupid Level Achived

It’s that time month again. Wait it’s not that of the month to see red. Ha. We talk about all kinds of stuff. Is it interesting, well you will be the one to judge.

This show, I give more of my thoughts on Stargirl. Comic-Con and the Mark Hamill easter egg in The New Hope. Movie chains asking for help. The Walking Dead goes to reprint and color. Hailee Steinfeld no longer in Disney’s Hawkeye. Plus reviews on books, anime shorts on Youtube. Plus so much more.

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