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Fantomex_Max_01  FANTOMEX #1

Artist: Shawn Crystal

Writer: Andrew Hope

Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino

Colorist: Lee Loughridge

Editor: Jordan D. White

So boys and girls I have no idea about this character. I believed that this was a new character and I had found something new. Boy was I wrong. I did some research and found that this character was first created by Grant Morrison and Igor Kordey in August 2002. Fantomex made his first appearance in New X-Men #128 and was revealed to be a escape experiment from the Weapon Plus Program.

So I could go back and give you some back story on the character more but I am giving you a take on this book and not his past. So that being sad I did like this book. I like the writing style of Andrew Hope who had not written a comic book for almost 20 years. I have say a welcome return. His writing style has a nice easy flow to it and is not hard to read, mixing in some good humor here and there.

Now the artistic style of Shawn Crystal is different. I found his style to be very interesting. I am not sure purist would like his odd drawings of the human form. At times the characters looks like the rubber bands wrapped around a human skeleton. There are times when you can almost see the muscles stretching to what would be the snapping point.

Oh yeah the characters. We are introduce quickly to Fantomex, internationally renowned super criminal do what he does best. Stealing shit from bad people. Also special agent Rhona Flemyng, dedicated. Intense. Looks great in skintight black Kevlar. Also we meet E.V.A, Fantomex’s biological spacecraft. A living machine that has taken to Fantomex. When Flemyng fails to apprehend Fantomex the higher ups call in special agents, Stuart Stirling, Alexandra Macready and Richard Gaunt to take over. Later on you find out that these three have a plan of their own.

The book is a nice, fun read and worth a look. So I say if you have to pick up something to try pick up Fantomex #1

So in the end I give Fantomex #1 3 pops out of 5

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.



Cosplay Thursday

Hey Popper and Thursday comes around again and I bring a feast to your eyes of Cosplayer and the work they do. If you are thinking of ever doing your own cosplay creation then find inspiration from these people.

Source: Cosplay Facebook

Triple Helix

TRIPLE HELIXTripleHelix02_cvrSUB-copy

Artist: John Byrne

Writer: John Byrne

Colorist: Leonard O’Grady

Letterer: Robbie Robbins

Editor: Chris Ryall

John Byrne continues his creation of short arc stories for IDW with his new team series Triple Helix. This book is different as well as being the same as most books out there that are team bass. Triple Helix also has the feel and look as some other books that he has done with the same idea. What pops to mind is his work on The Uncanny X-Men. The basic 5 member team with a newbie in training. Every character is introduced in this book and all have something to do. The main villain is a skull head in cased in glass surround by what looks like acid and speaks in a German accent. The book also has it’s own Sentinels in the version of Monitors. Could Triple Helix be John Byrne’s telling of X-Men stories that he wanted to do and he never got the chance to do at Marvel? If so then I am cool with that.

I have been a fan of John Byrne’s work since his days way back when he was top dog at Marvel. I followed his work as he moved from company to company. For me it’s like going home and meeting a old friend. New readers may not like the story or older work of  his but he still has some stories to tell and I am sure that there is many that still want to see his work.

The writing is nothing special and I mean by that is that no deep thinking is required.  No hidden meaning shit. Just a nice simple story. As always his work is great. Now I will say that he spends more time on his characters then the backgrounds but that is fine by me. Colorist Leonard O’Grady does a great job at making the pages pop with color and has the look of coloring done back in the 80’s. Again a look of Byrne’s years on X-Men.

So is this one of the great works of comic’s, no. Is it one of the finest pieces done by John Byrne, no. What it is is a look back at the time when comics and story telling were simple but still fun to read and look at.

So in the end I give Triple Helix 3 pop’s out of 5

Remember comics are meant to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.


Winter London Film & Comic Con (WLFCC) – October 2013 – Cosplay Music Video‏

Hey Poppers

Well once again the group over at Sneaky Zebra have put together a music video from the Winter London Film & Comic Con. I have to say the videos done by Sneaky Zebra as fun to watch and you will notice some of the guest appear in the video.

So set back and watch.

Source: Sneaky Zebra Facebook page

Does This Look Infected

Hey all. Time to make you ears bleed again. This time around I talk about The Walking Dead spin off. How much The Hobbit series is costing. The Simpsons, Sleepy Hallow also the first show to get cancelled. Lost Doctor Who episodes. She-Hulk is again getting her own series but for how long. Also X-Men: Days of Future Past and what James McAvoy had to saw about the film. I review Fantomex form Max comics and Induced. I also ramble on about other things that make you wonder what I am talking about.

Check out this episode



Cosplay Thursday

Hey all

Welcome back to another cosplay Thursday. Again I have some amazing cosplayer and their amazing work. The work done by these creators should be applauded for their time put into their creations.

Source: Cosplay Facebook


Cosplay Thursday

Hey all

Welcome back to another cosplay Thursday. Again I have some amazing cosplayer and their amazing work. The work done by these creators should be applauded for their time put into their creations.

Source: Cosplay Facebook