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Cosplay Thursday

Yes this is a little late but here are just some of the fine Cosplay that was happening this years Calgary Expo. Every year the people that spend the time and effort to create these amazing piece keeps getting better and better.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars is leaving…..



……Netflix on Mar.7th.I saw about 4 episodes of this and never really watched much more of it. I have, however, heard nothing but good things about the series in general and might try to binge watch it before it leaves Netflix for good.

There are 6 seasons in total there now.5 that originally aired on the Cartoon Network from 2008 on, and 1 season that had been produced before Disney pulled the plug on the series. I had remember reading at some point there had been hope that Netflix would pick it up for more seasons but, I suspect the newer Star Wars movies will deal with the live action Clone Wars but this particular series may even go the way of the Dark Horse comics and not be considered official Star Wars lore.

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Star Wars meets Indiana Jones – Meet Pablo Hidalgo



This is probably one of the cooler articles I’ve read in the past few days. Imagine meeting someone who loves the Star Wars universe so much that they picked through frame by frame of the films and investigated who all the characters(both with speaking parts and not) and artifacts  were…..and what they did. Our very own intergalactic if you will….

Pablo has released two Visual Dictionaries so far. One for THE FORCE AWAKENS and one for ROGUE ONE along with 8 other books on the history of  Star Wars looking at various niches involved in the making of the movies.

Thanks to Entertainment Weeklies “Behind the scenes on EW Radio for a very cool, unique interview.

Meet Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo, the Indiana Jones of ‘Star Wars’


Stars Wars Statement concerning Princess Leia



This story must have gotten some traction for them to feel that they had to release a statement on it. The jist of it is ,that they have no intention (for now) in recreating Princess Leia for the new, or any, of the new Star Wars movies.I would suspect it MUST have been thought upon ,depending on how the next movie is going to end.

This brings to mind 65 year old Mark Hamill though. Ghoulish as it may sound, there must have been some discussion as to what might happen if he passed away before his time in the Star Wars universe was done. I stand beside my assessment John(Stony) and I discussed on the podcast that this discussion may end up in wills and as part of some “legal legacy” process. oh, and money…money will play into also. Inspiration source for this article is Link below.

Earth Will Feel The Power Of The Force Again: Disney’s ‘Rogue One’ On Course For $280M-$350M Global Opening – Preview — Deadline

Opening estimate box numbers like that seams amazing but the big question will these estimate numbers help ‘Rogue One’ reach the same box total of ‘The Force Awakens’?



EXCLUSIVE: Three years. At the bare minimum, that’s the shortest amount of time moviegoers have had to wait for a new Star Wars movie, and that’s during a trilogy cycle. Then, after 1983’s Return Of The Jedi, fans sat on their hands for 16 years waiting for George Lucas to awaken the franchise again with The Phantom Menace, which kicked off the…

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