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Grimm Tales of Terror. No.1,Vol.3



The re-imagined story of the invisible man. How would you react if someday no one could see you? Would you use your powers for good? Or would you find a darker side within yourself? This is a story of just that question.

I should start out by saying I liked the general vibe of this story. Artist Umberto Giampa is able to capture the dark and foreboding sense of the 50’s & 60’s horror novels very well and the panels flowed well with the story. Colorist Robby Bevard made good use of shades of darkness to accentuate the art. The writing was ,well, a bit simplistic for my tastes, but it did fit this 1 shot story which does have an ample amount of foul language in it .The language did however fit into the character of the storyline.

Like with any good horror story there is no happy ending here. If there is a moral here it’s that you should watch what you do, and know when enough is enough because sooner or later………even an invisible man can be seen

Story: Joe Brusha/Ralph Tedesco

Writer: Ralph Tedesco

Artwork: Umberto Giampa

Colors: Robby Bevard

Letters: Fabio Amelia


Emerald City : A few words


This show started up Friday night on NBC with a 2 hours series premiere. I’m going to Good, Bad and Ugly this one since it’s Sunday night and I’m feeling a bit lazy on a full belly.

The Good.

1.Actress Adria Arjona. I had never seen her in anything else before this show and to me that is a good thing because I could not relate her to other characters she has played. She’s doing very well in the role as Dorothy Gale at this point.

2.Vincent D’ Ono frio. The man could paint a fence and probably keep me entertained. Fits into the Wizard of Oz character almost effortlessly.

3.CGI and location sets. each scene I found the background actually added something to it.

4.This is not your grandfather’s Wizard of Oz. The Witches are in check and the Wizard seems to be one holding all the cards of the first episode is any indication

5.Actress Fiona Shaw who plays Mombi. Did not recognize her from her days as Harry Potters mum. A welcome addition

6.The story flowed pretty fluidly with a few bumps that I noticed ,but hopefully those ticks will work themselves out.

The Bad

1.Vincent D’Onofrio played such a masterful role in Daredevil as Kingpin it’s going to take me a while to get used to seeing him in another role.

2.It did play out like a more PG version of Game of Thrones sometimes in set, tone and dialogue.

3.The “Scarecrows”(Oliver- Jackson Cohen) acting chops didn’t particularly stand out. Guess I expected more out of someone with an extensive background in theatre.

The Ugly

1.Sweet Jesus, they played a lot of commercials during the broadcast I saw. It  broke up the pace of the story. If your going with a GOT style, please remember GOT has no commercials.

2.Friday night at 9 pm. Tornadoes is Kansas have done less damage than that time slot to promising shows.

I’ll be watching it weekly as it’s gotten a solid first season of 10 episodes and if done right this could be a hit for NBC

Trailer for Episode 2

Justice League of America – The Atom- Rebirth – Review


Written by Steve Orlando

Art by Andy McDonald

Colourist : John Rauch

Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Did you know that Particle Kinematics is the study of the trajectory of a particle? I didn’t until I read this book…so there’s that . This issue was a stand alone one shot , that is part of a 4 issue series that are going to be released featuring new members of the new JLA rebirth book due out in February.

I simply found too much was covered in too short of a time in this book. Perhaps the story was told elsewhere and this was just an abbreviated version? Basically it features the introduction and relationship forming bond between the Atom Ray Palmer and his apprentice Ryan(Yun) Choi. It covers almost two years of time span and the fastest super hero identity reveal I think I have ever seen.

If it was meant to serve as a VERY simple introduction to Ryan Choi then it served its purpose but it really left a lot of empty blanks as far as why the atom chose to trust him with the secret that he did.

The art by Andy McDonald actually grew on me as the comic went on but story began to fall apart. At one point the Dean of the university Ray teaches at asks Ryan Choi why he’s “standing there staring at me through those coke bottles muttering nonsense” while  the jock who is Ryan’s roommate treats him with the utmost respect through out the comic and they become buds. That’s not how the real world works folks…..

Perhaps this should have been a two issue series for the scope of the story they wanted to tell but here we are. Hopefully with the JLA Steve Orlando slows the story down a bit.

Glad this was a one shot, because I probably would not have bought issue #2




Redeem:The Beginning


One of the things that irked me about “The Force Awakens” was how one of the female character “REY” could do just about anything on her first try……anything. That thought went through my mind as I watched the natural growth and learned fighting skills of the character in this Swedish short film about a Dystopian society that we as a world seem to building every day.

Dina(played skillfully here by actress Moa Malan)is on a journey to redeem her mother’s death and her own honor, against an enemy whose callous indifference to life makes you root for her from the first frame of the film. It’s not easy though. It shouldn’t be with the enemies she is dealing with, and that’s what brings the core realism to this film.

Moa Malan spent 7 months of martial arts “Kali Sikaran” training for this film.

Each conflict scene is a beautifully choreographed experience where she learns, adapts, survives and moves on to her next target……with the scars that go with these encounters. The beauty of these scenes is that they are messy and uncoordinated by design, to emphasize her unfamiliarity with her new “traveller” which lends the air of believability to them.

It should be noted here that actress Moa Malan says not one word(except for a voice over in the beginning) during this entire film. She tells her emotions with her face, eyes and  body language which has always been the sign of a strong acting pedigree to me.

The narrator of the film actor Tim GreenLee I immediately compared to Morgan Freeman, which although not a bad actor to be in the company with ,was not really a fair comparison. Upon a second viewing of the film I realized he was a more natural fit to the film than I first heard.

The musical score and cinematography were stars in the film in their own right. The use of landscapes and lighting in telling the story was spot on in tone and the music was haunting while uplifting at the same time. Inspiration and sadness packaged into one. Marcus Abrahamsson did a wonderful job on this.

My understanding is that this short is being developed into a trilogy and possibly a video game. I would see the first feature film based on this short.

Please see a link for the film below

Comic review: Justice League of America VS Suicide Squad – 1 of 6


Publisher: DC Comics

Writer:Joshua Williamson

Artist: Jason Fabok

Colorist: Alex Sinclair

Letters:Rob Leigh



I would suggest reading Suicide Squad 8(2016) as a prelude to this series and perhaps Batman 8-13(2016) for a fuller understanding of some of the events referenced in this first issue.

How do you pay back your debt to society as a criminal? Is it an exchange of time? Or the exchange of skills, for that time to be erased? That’s the crux of this first issue. The realization that the JLA cannot abide by Amanda Waller’s decision to run the team of criminals that she has assembled.

The other side of this first chapter of the story is the laying of groundwork by a villain any DC reader should be relatively familiar with. I think it was a “safe” choice for a villain and would have liked if they had introduced someone new.

You do feel a sense of sympathy for the Suicide Squad out of the gate because you are made aware that they have little choice in this or any fight. A collision course with the JLA was inevitable but not really of their choice.

The art on this book by Jason Fabok was beautiful. Flowed seamlessly page to page and detailed the ebb of the story .Colorist Alex Sinclair did a vibrant job on the  shadowy coloring of the panels. There is a  Two page drawing near the end that is beautifully rendered.

Joshua Williamson is a good writer though I did find myself thinking certain parts of the story could have been fleshed out a bit more.

I plan on buying the second issue of this book for the artwork alone, but the story shows promise.



‘Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates’ Review: Zac Efron & Adam Devine Serve Up Hilarious Summer Raunchfest — Deadline

Believe it or not, the third Zac Efron gross-out buddy comedy of 2016 is based on a true story. Well, as the opening credits indicate, sort of true. But the bigger shocker for me is that after enduring the abysmal Dirty Grandpa and the not-a-whole-lot-better Neighbors 2, Efron is back in top comic form as Dave Stangle, who along with brother Mike…

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Film Review: ‘Central Intelligence’ — Variety

The words “action comedy” go together not just because the movies they describe combine action and comedy. They go together because, in a machine-tooled lark like “Central Intelligence,” each one becomes the other. The dialogue, as quick and aggressive as a punch to the face, is really a form of action. And the gun battles,……

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