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Legion -FX – Episode 1- Not really a review, review



Before I sat down to watch this, I knew it was going to be a bit of a mind trip.  It was “broken” legion from the comics after all. I have to admit I had not read the solo series Marvel released so my POV on Legion was a bit dated.

My litmus test for this series was actually going to be my wife’s reaction as we watched it. She’s a casual “comic movie fan” and if she could get on board with what I suspected was going to be a psychedelic episode I knew FOX could go somewhere with this.To be completely honest I can think of about 40 different characters that they could have done a series with, and Legion wasn’t on that list.

Within the first 5 minutes I heard “This is doing nothing for me so far” as the delusions of a fractured psyche played out across the screen in front of us. Then something happened. Dan Stevens begin to act….and it got better from there.

If anything can make this series a success I suspect the acting chops of Dan Brown and Rachel Keller can help with that. I feel terrible saying “acting chops” there, as both of them have extensive professional training with names like “Carnegie” and “Cambridge” attached to it, and I made them sound like street carnie. For the record , there is an excellent little dance number in the episode that I thought showed a range of these actors right out of the gate.

The story itself had a nice pace to it and I did do a little internal fist bump when the name “mutant” was talked about with a fear I had not felt since the 80,s-90’s.They gave me enough to be interested ,but not too much to think they hot shotted the storyline which is become rarer and rarer in todays TV universe. I’m going to watch the first 8 episodes(full season) for sure and go from there.

Trailer is below and the series airs Wednesdays on FX.



Killer frost – Rebirth – DC – Single issue- Review


Co-Writer: Steve Orlando & Jody Houser

Artist: Mirka Andolfo

Colorist : Arif Prianto

Letterer: Clayton Cowles

There’s nothing harder than staying on the straight and narrow when  those around you want you to fall flat on your face.

I suppose I should back up here for a moment. This particular issue fits into the DC Universe timeline after JLA VS Suicide Squad 6 issue series and BEFORE the new JLA Rebirth title. Now back to it.

This is a one off story on the “Rebirth” of Caitlin Snow and her “testing” of sorts by Amanda Waller to see if she can push her just far enough to make her go back to her old ways, while Caitlin tries to stay on the side of the angels. I enjoyed this JLA epilogue story more than I did  the one about the Atom that came out a few weeks ago. This one gave a much more in depth look into who this newest member of the JLA was going to be……and the challenges a team atmosphere may bring for her. Sometimes wanting to do good…..doesn’t mean you WILL do good.

Writers Steve Orlando and Jody Houser wrote a nicely plotted story that was designed to break Caitlin Snow and test her to her limits. In many ways it was also a story of fighting addiction, of fighting oneself .This was definitely a story more about the human Caitlin snow then the villain Killer Frost. If you’ve ever watched “OZ” or “PRISON BREAK” you’ll be a fan of this read.

Mirka Andolfo was able to draw a softer side to Caitlyn snow which I think added to the redemption involved with this story. Amanda Waller looked a little rougher with how she was drawn(Almost like a mini Kingpin) but it added to her gruffness she needed to display for this issue to work.

Colorist Arif Prianto finished with lots of shades of blues and oranges, which I think had the intention to create a sense of contrast of redemption and recidivism.

The book gave us a nice bridge to the new JLA series so mission accomplished.

P.S Bonus pic of lovely Danielle Panabaker of FLASH fame.




Kingpin #1 – Marvel Comic review.



Writer: Matthew Rosenberg

Artist: Ben Torres

Color Artist: Jordan Boyd

Letterer: Travis Lanham


Matthew Rosenberg is a very, very good writer. Let’s get that out of the way right now in the beginning of this chat. This story flowed so smoothly I was almost surprised when I got to the last page of the book. This was more of a an introduction story, and NOT of the Kingpin  It held my attention more than a story with 30 heroes in it that I read about 2 weeks ago(looking at you “Monster Unleashed”).There is something to be said for a “slow burn” in telling a good story.

Most comic readers have known for years that the Kingpin is a very complex character. The Netflix series “Daredevil” just added to that complexity with the brilliant acting of Vincent D’onofrio.From doting lover one minute, to violent sociopath the next, there is a lot of ground to cover…..and this book has started to do that really well.

I liked the art of Ben Torres also. It had kind of “noir” feel to it and the great use of shadows helped to give it a grittier feeling, and much more of a street feel even though the setting was anything but. The colors were kept darker which help set the slower paced tone of the story.

I’m putting this title on my pull list next week. I wasn’t sure what to expect but this issue exceeded expectations. Did I mention Matthew Rosenberg is an awesome writer?




Grimm Fairy Tales – Day of The Dead Issue #1 – A few thoughts






I was a bit apprehensive when I saw the title of this book as I am a bit “zombied out” at this point .I was pleasantly surprised when I read along and realized it was a story of the “other” zombies. Those born(died?) of the occult.

The basic synopsis of the story is that heroine Mary Medina(A very attractively drawn dead raiser in her own right) has been sent a mysterious message summoning her to New Orleans(n’orleans to the locals),and it doesn’t take long for her to find out that danger is awaiting her once she gets there. This is part 1 of a 6 part series.

I liked this book for the most part and will be picking up part 2 because I’m curious about where the story of Mary Medina(does she have a code name? None that I saw.) is going. You can read more of her history in Grimm Fairy Tales #114 but they do  a pretty good job of giving you a brief history of her here. I think this very important to cover when you have a new series of a previously featured character. A wise man once said “Every comic is some ones first”… was Stan Lee…he was the wise man :/.

The art was beautifully done by Allan Otero. I couldn’t draw a bath, but I’m surprised why Marvel or DC hasn’t enlisted his talents at some point. I’ve seen much less appealing (to me…all things subjective)art in their books then what he has on display in this book. Hell, even his clothes creases look well done.:)

Writer Dawn P. Marquez tells an interesting first part of this story. Good introspection of the character and where she feels she is at in the world….and where she may want to be. Dawn was also able to show a sense of vulnerability and uncertainty both in her characters confidence, and her powers.

There were a few things that stood out for me as head scratcher .Mardi Gras didn’t seem all that busy. A more fleshed out crowd during those panels would have been more realistic. Plus, the flasher (buy the book to find out if it’s a he or she. That’s called a “hook” folks;))probably would have been a bit drunker before the flashing went down. Then again…..Mardi Gras. Also, being New Orleans it would have been nice to have more references to local landmarks as the action moved from area to area(Only Bourbon Street was mentioned)

As mentioned earlier I’ll buy Part 2 to see where the story goes next. I believe it’s on Sale in March. Check Zenescopes site for full details.

Cheers until next time

Story: Joe Brusha

Art: Allan Otero

Writer: Dawn P.Marquez

Letters: Kurt Hathaway

Colors: Erick Arciniega


Week end Round up- Thoughts on a variety of viewed DC shows for the week.



Hi Folks,

I planned on getting this out yesterday but I got pretty lazy…….World peace? Anyhoo, what follows is basically a small recap of DC shows I watched for The

week along with my thoughts on them. My plan is to do an article on these weekly with a few exceptions where I think the episode itself merits an entire article. I’ll keep spoilers to a minimum in case you’ve not seen them.

The Flash

Barry has seen the future and it doesn’t look too good for the love of his life. I enjoy where they are going with the back end of this season. To try to make it so there is “no future”(credit to Terminator series)Flash and the Scooby gang are going to try to change as much of the future as they know of it so it can’t turn out that way.

Unfortunately , I think Barry is about to learn, if you continue to screw with time…..don’t be surprised if it screws right back. On the plus side. Grood is sooo back for what sounds to be a pretty good storyline arc. He’s becoming the “Cool” villain on the show in my mind.

The Arrow

Prometheus is turning out to be a pretty good villain this year although I think that there are more Twists to come. They wrapped up what I think could have been an intriguing storyline far to quickly but I think there’s more to tell. Reminds me a bit of the Faith storyline of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Ragman needs a meatier role in the series, and I’m looking forward to a more aggressive Felicity(She’s learning to follow through on her punches now:)).Mr. Terrific is getting more character development which I think was badly needed.

Legends of Tomorrow

I can’t stress how much I loved this episode. Sometimes people will have cool guest stars and totally screw their homages up ,but they hit all the cylinders on this one. They also hit on a very important piece of truth. This gent DID inspire a whole generation of space nerds. The problems that would have come along had he NOT made the movies he did and inspired the people he did would have been very real.

Who was he? No spoilers here, but recommend you watch it.

I’m still not sure how I feel about this seasons villain choice of the Legion of doom, but this episode they seems just a little more deadly than they have been before. Really enjoyed the character interaction between Vixen, Nathan Heywood and the Atom. Felt very retro cool.


Comic Review -Holliston- Friendship is Tragic – A few thoughts



This book was probably different than any I have read  in recent memory for two simple facts. The prologue from writer/creator/life story inspiration Adam Green at the beginning of the book, and the fact that most of the jokes in the comic landed.

Adam’s been through some shit….some very, very, very rough shit. This book is in many ways a “road back” project for him and I think for the most part he, along with the future of this title, is going to be okay.

Onto the book itself.

Can money really buy you happiness? Can that happiness turn into a nightmare? Is credit really the root of all evil? After reading this book I have a few thoughts that it very well may be.

In a nutshell this is the story of Joe and Adam. Two buds who simply want to try to make the best Halloween party…..EVAH.

Let’s get into the meat and potatoes part of it first. Greg Wright  wrote a pretty entertaining story. It flowed well and at no part did I know where it was going next. As I mentioned earlier the jokes, for the most part, all landed nicely and a few were extremely chuckle worthy.

Stephen Sharar drew us a great story and his art reminded me a bit of Scooby Doo which would make sense for a bit of a whacky ride. His character expressions even helped the previously mentioned funny jokes land.

The colors fit the dark humorous quirky vibe of the comic and Joshua Werner did a great job on the title design. Lots of dark blues, shades of browns and orange to match the telling of a Halloween story.

The characters are likable and mesh well together. You can tell this at some point in time was based on “real life”….which it was. I’m not sure if this was a one – off, but I hope not ,as I think there is more story to be told. I’m not sure I would include as many inside jokes and pop culture references the next time around because I thought a few times “No one over 40 is getting that one”…..

On a personal note, I was a metal fan growing up. Never listened to Gwar.I will now for the experience. He’d be proud of this dude. Take care.

Holliston Created by Adam Green

Written By- Greg Wright

Pencils and Inks by Stephen Sharar

Colors,Letters and Design by Joshua Werner





Red Agent-The Human Order Issues #1 & #2 of 12 – Zenescope

redagent_tho_01-cover-a redagent_tho_02-cover-b


I’m going to try to keep this review as balanced as I can, as I believe there is something for everyone in each comic.

The basic synopsis of these books is that we are in a world of highborn and Monsters ..and they are hiding in plain sight. Governments of the world have enlisted their own highborn to police their own. This is their story…..

The art was not bad. I felt it got better in the second issue for some reason. I did notice in some of the panels that the art(facial expressions) didn’t really match up with the dialogue that was associated with it. The women are drawn busty and beautiful, so if you enjoy that type of art you might want to pick up this book. I did notice the breasts changed sizes sometimes from panel to panel which struck me as odd(story had 3/4 artists which might explain that)

The writing left a bit to be desired to me. I saw a few grammatical errors that should have been caught in proofreading and editing. We all make errors(I’m sure I have here)but these I felt were obvious. Some of the cursing seemed out of place for the situation and characters involved. Almost seemed some of it was cursing for the sake of cursing.

Part of this to me is attributed to “The Cloak Rule”. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a superhero or villain with a cloak “Shit talk”(Maybe  Spawn?) as part of their dialogue. It just looks very much out of place. The villain in question however did have a cool name in “Half Euro”

The storyline itself was not too badly developed, but I felt the characters were written a bit generically and I could not really relate to any of them.

I doubt I’ll read anymore of this series but as I said, the second issue seemed marginally better so it may pick up. They certainly can draw the female form quite heartily.

Writer: Joe Brusha/Lou Iovino

Artwork: Wilton Santos/Chiara Colassanti/Daniel Maine/RenanShody/Ario Murti

Colors: Hedwin Zalidivar

Letters: Taylor Esposito

Production and Design: Christopher Cote