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TPCCafe S3 EP 151 Well That Was Filthy

TPCCafe S3 Ep 151 Well That Was Filthy

Well back in the comic shop Scott and I get back to into the grove. We also get a little silly. We jump all over the place this show but give you the news that you have come to expect. That is right hard hitting news from to old fart. Scott also introduces a new segment, I’m Still Standing. Instead of who died Scott tells the people celebrating 65 and older.

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TPCCafe Season 3 Ep 138 Trailers Trailers and More

TPCCafe Season 3 Ep 138 Trailers, Trailers and More

So gang I did it right this time and hit save. Scott and I recorded once again the our comic home, Comic Fever. Once again we try and give you news that will keep you entertained and informed.

This show:

Trailers – Mission Impossible

Jurassic Park – Fallen Kingdom

Solo – A Star Wars Story


The Cloverfield Paradox

Red Sparrow

Deadpool 2

Jessica Jones Season 2

James Mangold

William Shatner

Netflix Comics

Skybound Entertainment

Hollywood Pilot Season

and more

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