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TPCCafe Ep 142 Val Kilmer Manatee

TPCCafe S3 Ep 142 Val Kilmer Manatee

Well gang Scott and I are back but this time the sound is a little off. I still hope you enjoy the show. Also I have forgot my cheat sheet so I forgot what stories we talked about so…….surprise.

Enjoy the show.

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The Music Store: Exit303

I few podcasts ago Tristen Rodill came on the show to talk about the band he plays in, EXIT303. Well being a bit of dumb ass I forgot to post a video of one of their songs. So a little late but here it is.

Source: YouTube, EXIT303

TPCCafe Season 3 Ep 138 Trailers Trailers and More

TPCCafe Season 3 Ep 138 Trailers, Trailers and More

So gang I did it right this time and hit save. Scott and I recorded once again the our comic home, Comic Fever. Once again we try and give you news that will keep you entertained and informed.

This show:

Trailers – Mission Impossible

Jurassic Park – Fallen Kingdom

Solo – A Star Wars Story


The Cloverfield Paradox

Red Sparrow

Deadpool 2

Jessica Jones Season 2

James Mangold

William Shatner

Netflix Comics

Skybound Entertainment

Hollywood Pilot Season

and more

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