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Riverdale- Netflix Series / CW Network – A few thoughts

Riverdale -- Image Number: RVD_KeyArt_1.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Camila Mendes as Veronica, Lili Reinhart as Betty, Ashleigh Murray as Josie, Cole Sprouse as Jughead, Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl and KJ Apa as Archie -- Photo: The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

Archie comics have done a lot of growing up over the last few decades. To grow as their market was growing up, certain Archie comics began to have a more adult edge, tacking issues and social norms they had never tackled before. I had paid a bit of attention over the years as some of the issues made it into the press.

When “Kevin” was introduced as Archie comics first gay character it drew a bit of furor from the ignorant tight ass club that probably stopped reading Archie years ago. Afterlife with Archie also caught my attention after they dropped the comics code authority  in 2011, and this was the first title that went a little darker than the normal fare …plus y’know. Zombies.

So when it was announced that CW was introducing a new show called RIVERDALE I was kind of intrigued. Like any good comic reader I wondered if they could do the source material justice. How different would it be? Could I still relate to it? Did I still have the same crush on Veronica Lodge that I did when I was 8 years old(I do)

I was pleasantly surprised by the first two episodes. It really did seem unlike much else out there. A cross between the “Wonder Years”, “Sweet Valley High”(My wife made that comparison….emphatically. So she’s earned a spot here), and a little 90210 built in with a great mystery that binds it all together. Except for Luke Perry, I recognized 0 of the actors yet with two exceptions(Fuck you, Reggie you bully),everyone played their characters very well and I’m looking forward to episode 3 .If you’re looking for some well written , nostalgia feeling drama with an edge of mystery please check this show out.

…………….oh, and Betty and Veronica kiss in Cheerleader uniforms(in a parallel universe 13 year old me just semenated the ceiling)

Trailer below.



Code 8- Short film- Shameless “ARROW” plug



This is only my second short film that I have reviewed for this site and I’m glad to say that this is my second pleasant surprise. The backbone of this short film revolves around the superhero world turned upside down with a touch of X -steria(not a real word) thrown in.

We tend to think of Super Heroes as either good or evil , respected or feared. What if that respect and fear was gone? If using their powers meant death or imprisonment? if society hated them but no longer had a reason to fear them……they’d pick up rocks for a living. That’s what they’d do. They’d do menial work which in no way gave them any kind of status in society.

So for the 4%…..that’s what they do. Treated like illegals in their own country.

More recent news on this venture came courtesy of the Fine folks at Deadline.They state that   XYZ films has acquired International sales rights to code 8.They also state Steven Amell is in the short film……and he is not.

Below is also the link to the Indiegogo fund raiser that has garnered over $1.7 million towards the budget for the film so far.

Please check the short film out. It’s well worth it for the acting, cinematography ,and very real near future of drones .

Robbie & Stephen Amell’s Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Code 8’ Ramps Up With XYZ Films Deal – Berlin

Walking Dead back this Sunday



Very much looking forward to this premiere Sunday night(Feb.12th). Just in time for Valentines day. I actually enjoyed the first half of the season quite a bit and offered hugs and shoulders to cry on for the more sensitive among us who thought that scenes with a baseball wielding maniac were turn out as anything other than what they were.

Oh, and fuck the PMRC.

This next half of the season I think will give folks a little more to cheer about. I’ve read more than one story that states that the story of Negan will be a little shorter than in the comics which might make a bit more sense as the TV series may not have the shelf life that the comic series does.

Some tidbits of clips below to wet your whistle(not a real thing)until Sunday rolls around. Cheers

Dear White People – The Trailer



I’ve found it’s very difficult to laugh at other people if you can’t laugh at yourself……and I do like laughing at other people. I think it’s healthy to be able to see  an societal examination of yourself and think and chuckle at the same time.

Just make it funny. I laughed my ass off when Dave Chapelle used to take the piss out of white people on his show. It was over the top, but a lot of it was spot on. He covered all races, colors, etc. and I hope they do that with this show also. Attacking one segment of society for comedy makes absolutely no sense……except the Amish…..I could talk shit about the Amish all day long….mostly because they would never see it.

I suspect they’ll be taking more aim at white rich stereotypes which likely won’t make much of a mark on us poorer white folks. I’m going into it with an open mind either way…….just make it funny and they will come…..make it preachy and they go in the other direction. It’s that simple.

Series premieres on Netflix Apr.28th/2017


Ghost In The Shell Trailer

Again one of movie trailers making a Super Bowl appearance is the movie adaption of ‘Ghost in the Shell’.  Based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Masamune Shirow.  The first series was serialized in 1989. Ghost in the Shell is a story about a counter-cyberterrorist organization Public Security Section 9, led by Major Motoko Kusanagi. The story takes place in Japan in the mid-21 century.

A big controversy erupted with the casting of Scarlet Johansson in the lead role. To many it was another example of Hollywood’s white washing. Producer Steven Paul in a statement to Buzzfeed  back in June 30th, 2016, hope that fans will be “very, very happy” with the film.

I think everybody is going to end up being really happy with it. They’re going to be very, very happy with it when they see what we’ve actually done with it, and I don’t think anybody’s going to be disappointed.

I love Scarlet Johansson and she has proven over and over again that she can do action. I am hoping that the people over Marvel finally get off their ass and make a ‘Black Widow’ movie

Souce: YouTube, Buzzfeed

Pirates of the Caribbean- Dead Men Tell No Tales.



I thought I was actually done with this series after the last movie but this one has cast Javier Bardem as the villain and as you know a good villain can certainly change things up for any franchise.

This trailer does not hurt having a little Johnny Cash in it that can make any trailer look good but I do hope that go a little heavier this time around.I know it’s Disney but I think they’re made the “Disney kids” money and it might be nice to go a little more riskier.

Movie sets sail Memorial Day in the U.S

Netflix’s Stranger Things S2 Trailer

Well folks the one good thing about the Super Bowl if you not a football fan is all the trailers. I had no idea that there be a trailer for the upcoming Stranger Things but DAM there it was.  The trailer shows a hint of what to come and when the show  will be dropping on Netflix.

Source: Youtube, Netflix