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Power Rangers Trailer #1

I did not grow up watching the Power Rangers when they came on TV. I was to old and to me I laughed at the stupid stories lines and the high quality(cough) Japanese villains. I should of like it growing up watching mostly Godzilla movies. The Power Rangers have now been updated for a new generation and for those that grew up watching. So expect the violence to be two fold. Today updated means more violence.  Okay maybe cartoon violence but still…..Humans are so special.

I am sure if you grew up watching the Power Rangers this trailer and the movie will have you wetting your pants.

Source: Hot New Trailers, YouTube


Fox to Reboot John Carpenter’s ‘Escape From New York’

Okay so one of my favorite films has been sold to Fox with the possibility that it maybe rebooted. Okay I am old school dude and I for one am not excited about this. Yeah I know, shut up old man. Everything is getting rebooted and why not this one. Well lets see how violent and over the top they can make this film. Lets up the destruction and body count. Hell that is all people care about now a days is it not. The special thing about this film was it’s campiness(is that a word?) I will be watching this when it comes to DOV