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Movie Monday: “The Surface”

Hey gang welcome back to Movie Monday.

I thought I bring you this interesting short film I found on Youtube on the The CGBros channel.

In a grim apocalyptic future where mankind lives underground, a woman struggles to save her son from dying of mechanical lung failure. After all other options fail, her only hope is to venture to the desolate surface and face the ferocious monsters that drove mankind below!

Source: Youtube, The CGBros

Fast and the Furious 8

Folks, I’m going to try and keep this positive, but the last one of these was a big ol’ stink- a- roo in my eyes. Well, that positively┬ádidn’t last very long. The last one was basically car chase in Country, car chase in sand, Rhonda Rousey fight, Car chase in city, Rock blows stuff up. Tanned, fit bikini girls mixed in for good measure.

This trailer does not look AS bad and I’m hoping the Rock had more input this time because he actually is a very good actor. More tanned rump shaking also…….have at it folks.


Deadpool scores TWO Golden Globes nods

Yes, that’s right. I said two. Motion picture – Comedy Musical and Ryan Reynolds himself for Best Actor nod in a Comedy or Musical. Well deserved and hopefully this will be a nominating platform for those who come after him in well made comic properties……….but it’s probably because of this………deadpool-movie-poster-christmas

Courtesy of our friends at Variety….and by friends I mean old school pen pals.

Golden Globe Nominations: Complete List




Movie Monday – Cable: Chronicles of Hope

According to Deadpool himself at the end of his movie they plan on having Nathan Summers a.k.a. Cable. But if you can not wait until then people at KandkFilms from the U.K. gave give you a fix until then.

This short film is very well done and well in better terms….awesome. Another cool thing that happens is a very well choreograph fight scene featuring the elf, Nightcrawler. Not many shorts suck me in but this one did.

What do you think?

You can also check out this behind video on the making of video.

Movie Monday: The Signal

2046. A new energy source, created to solve the world’s energy crisis, is believed to have deadly side effects. When The Signal’s inventor chooses to help a girl warn the public, he gains an unlikely ally to save the world from his own creation. Starring Michael Ealy and Grace Phipps, Written and Directed by Marcus Stokes!

If you enjoyed this short you can find out more at

Source CG Bros, YouTube

Movie Monday: Hope

With the world ablaze, a lone survivor must preserve all life before meeting his fate.

Hope follows Dr. Jacob Thorn’s final act to ensure humanity’s future after all life is wiped out by an asteroid impact. High above Earth in a space station built solely for this task Thorn has to cope with unimaginable loss as he carries out his mission.

For more:!ho…

Source: YouTube


Moive Monday: Immersion –

This short film is shot as a trailer or an prove of concept for a full length picture.

Immersion, Atma’s virtual reality rehabilitation program is sweeping the nation. Now criminals are being treated inside VR. Depression, violence, anxiety, soon they’ll all be in the past. But Axa is being hunted by Atma. Why? He’s just a nobody… or is he?

Source: IMDb, The CG Bros