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In The Flesh Renew For A 2nd Season

The BBC has announced that the three episode series In The Flesh has been picked up for a second season. The second season will also only three episodes. It seems that zombies are a big hit all over the world.

If you have not seen the series I highly recommend that you find it and give it a watch. Not like you typical zombie story. In The Flesh tells the story of Kieran Walker as a PDS survivor. PDS (Partially Dead Syndrome) is what the partially dead have. A treatment has been created to help the undead rehabilitate back into into the world of the living. This is not your typical zombie show/movie and throw a new twist into the old zombie eating the flesh show. So again spend sometime finding this show it is worth it.


First Impressions

Okay, okay, okay.

I first saw a write up and video on The Mary Sue about how we need a Wonder Woman movie and why we do not have one. I totally agree that we need a Wonder Woman movie and we need it soon before Hollywood decides that super hero movies are no longer a money maker. Well the next day The Mary Sue posted a video by directed by Leo Kei Angeleos, written by George H. Ruiz & Leo Kei Angelos, produced by George H Ruiz and original music by Glen Cheney.

First Impressions

This short film stars Hailey Bright, Chester See and Doug Jones

I love this short and unless you a male chauvinist you can not love this depiction of a strong female charactor. Actress Hailey Bright is AWESOME in the lead and I would to see her in a full length film version.

So watch this and you tell Hollywood to get off their asses and make a good treatment of Wonder Woman.

Source: The Mary Sue

Movie Mondays: The Passenger

This one man production created between 1998-2006 was created by Chris Jones. We follow a book worm as he get on a bus on a stormy night and finds himself sitting beside a gold fish. But the gold fish is not ordinary gold fish when the book worm turns on some music.

A cute interesting short film that I hope you find interesting also. The short has over 2.5 million hits on Youtube.

So sit back Poppers and watch this amusing short.

Source: Youtube

Watch Orlando Bloom Have Fun After Wrapping Up On The Hobbit

Peter Jackson has released a funny video of Orlando Bloom singing along to a old viral video made up from the phrase “They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard.” You can see that everyone was having a great time.

Source: YouTube, Blastr