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Beauty and the Beast – Final Trailer



Here is the final trailer for Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”. It’s being released Mar.17th, but I’m not sure that is such a great idea. It’s got a very” Christmasy”(Not a real word, and shame on me)   feel to it with the snow and Victorian vibe . Would probably do better during the Christmas season.

That said, it is a live action Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson and well…..he’s beast. There’s an actor there(actor Dan Stevens)but he’s simply….the beast. Rounding out the cast is the voices of(for most of the film anyway)Sir Ian McKellan, Emma Thompson, Stanley Tucci, Josh Gad and a whole host of others. It’s going to do just fine.

I do hope after this though they put the concept of Beauty and the Beast……back in the vault for many, many years.

Films out Mar.17th.Enjoy


Lord of The Rings 15th Anniversary was yesterday.



I remember the first time I saw the original trailer for LORD OF THE RINGS : FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING. A hush fell over the theatre and I knew then that it was a beginning of a pretty cool cinematic journey.

Although I wasn’t a fan in some ways of “The Hobbit” ,the original trilogy was a classic that I believe will stand up ever 50 years from now.  That first movie was not very high on CGI, and although they had a solid story to work with ,the chemistry that pretty much all the cast had on screen made it something really special.

Seems the lads got back together to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the release with some fun and shenanigans. Shame all the cast could not make it, but this looked to be a lot of fun.

Link article courtesy of our brothers from another mother at Entertainment Weekly.

Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, and more ‘LOTR’ cast members had a mini reunion

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter




I can’t believe I missed this. Resident Evil is out today. Now when your eyes come back down into your head from what might be a tremendous eye roll……bear in mind….This is the last one.

These series must be making money, otherwise they wouldn’t simply keep making them. It’s not like Milla Jovovich is sleeping with the director…………..she is married to the director…’s a totally….totally.. different thing.

Okay, I had my sargasm(sarcastic orgasm Copyright 2017).Let’s move on.

I just watched the trailer for this, and to be honest if your itching for a little apocalypse this weekend,this might not be too bad. I honestly never really had a problem with Milla Jovovichs acting in these films, and to be honest with the abundance of video game property failures that have been made in the last 10 years ,this is actually a success story.

I see Ali Carter is also back(huh?). One pleasant surprise was seeing Iain Glenn(Ser Jorah Mormont) back, as he’s just the type of actor that can bring good to a script simply by being in the film. Another pleasant surprise to see was model turned actress Ruby Rose is part of the story.She was in Seasons 3 & 4 of “Orange is the New Black” and did a wonderful job.

(Side note. On researching the rest of the cast I’ve come to the conclusion that actor Shawn Roberts has as much, if not more, “Zombie cred” as George Romero”. I counted 9 zombie films in his filmography)

If you can’t wait 3 weeks for TWD to start back up and need your fix at the end of the world. This may be for you.Enjoy





King Arthur: Legend of the Sword



When I saw the first trailer for this I wasn’t sure what to think. I’m a huge fan of Charlie Hunnam’s acting from Sons of anarchy but Pacific Rim felt a little flat to me(CGI aside).I’ve seen more than one version/incarnation of King Arthur over the years and not sure I’m ready for another one just yet.

KING ARTHUR from 2004 was very well written(starring Clive Owen, Keira Knightley and Madds Mikkelson)and I enjoyed it quite a bit ,despite it’s luke-warm response. Unfortunately films like this are the “medieval Western” of Britain. Not very much in demand and fewer and farther between.

King Arthur is to be released May.12th.New trailer below

Harry Potter :The Cursed Child. Possible movie adaptation in the works.



I had to read up a bit on this as I had left the Harry Potter universe behind after the last film. It appears there is a British play that is selling out in London called “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. “It ‘s doing so well in fact that ,of course, there is talk of putting it up on the big screen… a trilogy(Hopefully not the same type of trilogy as the Hobbit where they REALLY stretched the script).

By talk, I mean there are rumor’s of discussions of chat with the cast. Yep, it’s that damn firm. I would not mind seeing a story taking place years later and moving the story forward PROVIDED they did not re-hash the original series to death(Hi J.J!!!).

I think for the right amount of money(whether that involved being thrown into the money pile would remain to be seen) all of the actors would come back .If it was to begin , it would not be doing so until 2026(after the last Fantastic Beasts movie) and that’s plenty of time to either establish yourself in other acting roles, or thank god for the opportunity at a  paycheck.

Before I finished this article I read directly from J.K Rowling’s twitter account that none of this will happen. She was quite emphatic about it ,which convinces me more then ever that it may in fact happen. See below for the harsh twitter denial.


Inspiration from the folks at Digital Spy via the folks at the “Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast”



Shadow Hunters – Episode 1




I’m a bit late to the party on this one, as it already has one season under its belt and is working on it’s second.I was pleasantly surprised by the premiere episode though.Clary Fray(Katherine Mcnamara) is a young lady about to head off to college when her whole world gets turned upside down.

She finds out that her mother has been protecting her from a world of demons, vampires , fairies and eskimos…..I’m just judging this based on the first episode, but it seems very much if Grimm and Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a cinematic love child which is more than okay in my book.

There were a few cliches thatI had seen before, and a few of those demons looked awfully familiar(Think Underworld) .I did think the first episode was hot shotted a bit, but I know that’s the norm these days in the 1000 channel universe.I hope they slow the pace down as the story continues.

Rounding out the cast is a bunch of actors I’ve never seen before, but all of them did a decent job with the script.Stand outs were Isabelle Lightwood played by Emeraude Toubia, Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood) and Maxim Roy as Joceyln Fray.

This series was based off best selling novel series “The Mortal Instruments” by Cassandra Clare. I’m going to continue watching as it definitely has potential .The camp is kept at a minimum,and the acting got better as just the first episode went on.Here’s the Season 1 trailer for you to check out.Be warned…it’s Disney and everyone is sickly pretty


From Russia with Love:Viking

A obvious spoiler, this movie will be subtitled but after you watch the trailer and what appears to beautiful cinematography on par , or better then’ a lot of “Hollywood” movies you might want to give this a second look.

Will be released in Russia this month, and will probably hit the U.S Markets in 2017.The directorial style just from the trailer reminded me of Liam Neesons ” THE GREY”……not a bad comparison.