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Guardians Of The Galaxy: Review

Hey Poppers

So I don’t usually do movie reviews but I went to see Guardians Of The Galaxy on Friday afternoon with my son. We were both excited like little school girls to see this film. Boy, we were not disappointed at all. Guardians was a funny, exciting action packed fun movie that fills you with all you want from a summer block buster. My son was all up for seeing Rocket and he is 16. I have to think it is ten fold for all younger kids. Rocket with all the semi foul mouth furry little craziness will be the highlight for the kids. Marvel was smart getting a PG-13 rating on this film so that they can get the younger group in to see this film. I am sure that parents with a younger kids will bring along also. Hey I would.

Okay so for all the Rocket love this film will be getting you can not forget about the living breathing actors of this film. Chris Pratt was a great as the wise cracking Peter Quill.  Chris Pratt was not the first choice or choice at all for director James Gunn but this is one of those right choice being made by accident by actor and director. We know that Chris can be funny and now we can see that he can pull off the action hero star as well. One of the best moments is at the end when Chris/Peter does something very unusual to distract Ronan. Oh the guy is in shape and I am sure the female audience will love him. Drool.

guardians-galaxyZoe Saldana is becoming the Queen of geeks. Also becoming a action star in her own right. Zoe is perfectly cast as the Gamora. Gamora is a genetically created assassin and the adopted daughter of Thanos but she has no love for her father. Zoe is only 5′ 6 1/2 in height but you can not tell me she has the look  of a woman that can kick a person ass.  Zoe Saldana shows Gamora’s hard shell as well as the soft inside of someone that can not stand by as billions are killed.

article-2661053-1EE017D500000578-324_634x440The third humanoid of the groups of misfits is Drax the Destroyer is played by Dave Bautista. Many of you may know Dave from his WWE days (not sure if he is still wrestling) but he has been making some films. This is his first real big movie and he does a great job. I remember watching Dave in his wrestling days and as Drax he is playing almost the same character. Big, strong and with one goal, killing Ronan. Some have called Bautsita the lone weak link in the film but I disagree. Dave portrays Drax  exactly as Drax is. A man set with one goal and not one for small talk. I mean come on and you tell me that you can not see anyone else playing Drax. Just look at that picture. This man was born to play Drax.

guardians-of-the-galaxy-dave-bautista-drax The two remaining characters of our loving group of misfits is Rocket(Bradley Cooper) and Groot(Vin Diesel). Oh what a loveable pair these to make. Bradley Cooper does a excellent job of bring the CGI hoodlum to life. The only thing missing was the ‘Blam Murder” when Rocket killed anyone. But hey that wouldn’t go over well with the kids. Little Betty running in and shouting, ‘Blam Murder’ to her mom. Funny, yeah.

Groot was good also. Well how can he not be. A totally CGI character that can take any direction. Voice by Vin Diesel acts just as well as Vin. Okay just shittin you. No not really. RocketRaccoonGroodConceptTestGuardians_gallery_primary_home_top_story

Over all this is a great movie and shows that with a minor property Marvel can create a movie that any nerd/geek/dweeb will love to see. Oh I know there will be haters. Fuck is there not a comic to movie adaption that does not please some sloth of a geek. Man just watch and enjoy and shut the fuck up. Sorry to much of my ranting.

So I say give this movie your money and have a great time.

On the geek scale 5/5. Yeah I said it.

Oh as Groot would say, “I am Groot”. Nuff said.



Comic Review: Goof #1 #2 and #3

Comic Review: OMP- Goof #1 #2 and #3

goof pic

Old Man Productions Present

Goof: Issues One, Two and Three

Writer: Guy Hasson

Artists: Guillermo Ramirez and Borja Pindado

Reviewed By: J.W. Coughlan

Hey Poppers,

J.W Coughlan here again with yet another post. This week my good buddy John asked me to write a review on some issues of the comic, Goof. What can I say gang? This comic made me smile. Really smile. The issues I had the pleasure of reading made me laugh, and appreciate the work that went into them. What’s it about? Well it’s all there in the title isn’t it? Goof.

Alright I’ll quit being vague, strange and excited to be writing for The Pop Culture Cafe and get down to brass tacks here. Okay, as I have in past blog posts, I am going to throw my nerdery your way in order to try and construct a thought a human life form may be able to interpret as information. What? Just go with it! I’m confused too. Seriously. Imagine, the movie Hancock was redone, but 1994 Jim Carrey was cast instead of Will Smith. And instead of a movie, it was a comic. And they got  Bryan Lee O’Malley (Scott Pilgrim) create it. There it is. That is Goof.

This comic is light-hearted, sweet and entertaining. You know when Doctor Who is a bit cheese? Or Star Trek serves you a little corn. That’s how I feel reading Goof. It’s fun, and nice.

It’s about a regular Joe. And not a regular Joe from a sitcom who’s constantly getting laid, or does fun stuff all the time despite his crappy job. No, I mean an actual average Joe. Your buddy from the comic book store, who’s always spilling mustard on his shirt. Yeah, you know the one. Anyway, it’s about a real down to earth average guy who gets blessed with superpowers. Now, unlike other comics, our one and only Captain Gorgeous, that’s the name he’s forced to go by, he doesn’t train like all our other favourite heroes did. He just kinda wings it. So, despite strength, laser vision, invisibility, flight and being indestructible our purple and yellow hero is constantly getting hit by buses, falling flat on his face and even ending up naked in front of several people.

I read three issues and each left me wanting to read the next. Some of the humour was obvious, yet it was endearing and even though it was a comedy, I was really rooting for the main character.

THE ART!!! Now, I’m no Andy Warhol, But oh man. Awesome! Like Freakazoid, Animaniacs Pinky and The Brain great. The frames, actually made sounds in my brain without classic BAM SMACK POW frames, He threw an alien I heard the woosh, he fell on concrete I heard the crunch did Captain Gorgeous shoot lasers from his eyes? Cause I heard that too. Yes, the comic has a voice over/ Cap Gor thoughts throughout. Sometimes they’re written on scrap pieces of paper which was rad, sometimes they’re more basic. Other things about the art I really loved was the use of shadows, reflections or… let’s call them, anime surprise lines. Does that make sense? Now I am a 90s baby, so I was raised on WB mornings, with a healthy dose of Disney Afternoon, so I really have a soft spot for lanky, over the top, cartoony cartoon style. If you catch my drift. I wanna talk more about the art, but far be it from a Ravenclaw like myself to drag on after a point has been made. Just trust me, the art is like if awesome-sauce and specradular had a baby and got Mario to raise it. If that made things more unclear, I was trying to say the art was FANTASTIC.

Alright, so in conclusion I guess I would say, if you love fun, off-beat, funny entertainment. Like a stand up comedian you don’t shield the kids from I would suggest you READ THIS COMIC. But that being said although this is a comedy, I could see the cheese and corn I touched on earlier turning into a delicious meal that brings you to tears.

I am going to use my powers granted by the King of The Pop Culture Cafe and rate these issues at 4 pops out of 5.


Remember kids comics are to be enjoyed, not destroyed.


J.W. Coughlan

Editorial: Identity Crisis

Hey Poppers

I fellow I know thru the guys at Big Kids Playground,Dougie (aka Scruffy Doug) wrote a little piece about his thoughts on being a geek. So take sometime here and have a read. I am sure you know what he is talking about.

If you are reading this, there is a fair chance that, like me, you are a Geek. We are Geeks. We are happy to be Geeks. We are proud to be Geeks. And most importantly, we don’t deny that we are Geeks. The world however, still seems surprised at this. 
Despite the current global success of the Batman, X-Men, and Avengers franchises, the public opinion of being a comic book fan is still a negative one, with the term “geek” often used as a put-down. Admitting that you are a grown man who reads comic books or who plays video games can still get the same reaction as saying that you keep all your toenail clippings in a jar in the kitchen. Watching the mind-numbing, pointless, fly-on-the-wall garbage that is Big Brother, X-Factor, Jersey Shore, The Kardashians etc is somehow accepted as being normal, yet reading a graphic novel with well written plots and interesting characters is deemed weird. And as such, we geeks are deemed weird.
So, are we weird? Are we saddo’s with no lives? Are we some sort of underclass that look and act differently to the general public? Do we all fit the standardised “geek” image? Well, sure, I’ve no doubt that there are some of us out there who do fit the standard image of a “geek”. You know, single, long greasy hair, probably an unkempt patchy beard (with the remains of 3 day old biscuits and noodles still stuck in it), possibly thick glasses, spotty complexion, a waist band that is longer than the wearer is tall, uses computer code to talk to friends, and lives in parents loft/basement despite approaching 40y/o. Basically, Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.
However, for me personally, and I’m sure for a large number of my fellow geeks out there, this image couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m early 30’s, married with 2 kids, live in my own home, I don’t speak fluent Klingon, I don’t have every episode of Big Bang Theory under my TV, my appearance is closer to that of a thug (shaven head, tattoos, goatee beard), and I’m more than happy to get my hands dirty by getting stuck in to any DIY or car repair jobs that need doing. But that all said, I still love my tech, my games, and my comics/movies. And I’m still extremely proud to declare that I am a geek.
Dougie (AKA: Scuffy Doug)

TPCC Presents: Supernatural S1 Ep1

 Hey all. So since I do not have the cash to spend on a different podcast I have decided to do off shots of my main podcasts. So this is the first one. It one that is not a Pop Culture Cafe podcasts will begin with TPCC Presents then followed by what I am presenting this podcasts.

So this first one is my daughter and I talking about a show that we love, Supernatural. I hope that we will be able to carry on with this but with my daughter being an 18yr old girl that may change. So I hope this first one. I did. Nice time for me and my daughter.


Check out this episode!

Cockneys vs Zombies: Review

cockneys-vs-zombies-poster So on my travel through the many worlds of the internet between looking at porn and cat videos I came across this film, Cockneys Vs Zombies. My first thought was, what the fuck is these? Then once I saw the fimilar face of actor Alan Ford(Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) I had to take a closer look. I am glad I did.

I found the film searching the internet and well lets say I watched it through a non-legal way. If you looking some great cinema here well you better move along because your not going to get it here. If you looking for a different film with a few giggles them have a watch. Hell if you watch Sharknado you can watch this.

The movie starts with us following a couple of inept criminals attempt to rob a bank so they can save their grandfathers retirement home from being shut down. Across town a demolition team is going about bulldozing down a different area and wouldn’t you know it. They dig up some zombies and with one little nimble a new zombie epidemic starts. The bank robbers are stuck in the bank as it is surround by cops and when they get the chance to make their break they find the dead walking the streets.

The plan has changed and now they have to make their way to the retirement home to say their grand dad before he and the rest at the home become zombie food.

Is this a great movie, no. Is it a movie to watch when you can not find anything else, yeah. The idea is simple but the having the movie about how the old folks handle the zombie apocalypse is different. We always assume that the old would simply die quickly but this seniors put up a good fight. At this point in the film is does get better and funnier. The best scene in the movie is Hamish, played by Richard Briers trying to out run the zombies. Hamish has to use a walker to get away and seeing him trying to get away is a laugh.

cockneys vs zombies 01The movie also stars, Rasmus Hardiker, Harry Treadaway and Michelle Ryan. You may remember Michelle from the reboot attempt of the Bionic Woman or Doctor Who, Planet of the Dead.

Hey if you find this film, like zombies, like British movie like me then give this film a watch. Again you wasted time watching Sharknado then you can spend a 88 minutes watching this film.


A Million Ways To Die In The West – Restricted Trailer

So if you have not heard Seth MacFarlane has a new movie coming out this summer. That being said it will be filled with all the salty language that you would expect from a MacFalane film. I am sure that it will be panned by critics as be vulgar and filthy. But hey if you like me you will laugh your ass off. If the trailer is any indication of what is coming then it should be a fun time.

“Seth MacFarlane directs, produces, co-writes and plays the role of the cowardly
sheep farmer Albert in A Million Ways to Die in the West. After Albert backs out
of a gunfight, his fickle girlfriend leaves him for another man. When a mysterious
and beautiful woman rides into town, she helps him find his courage and they begin
to fall in love. But when her husband, a notorious outlaw, arrives seeking revenge,
the farmer must put his newfound courage to the test.”

Source: YouTube

Also starring alongside MacFarlane are  Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson,
Amanda Seyfried, Giovanni Ribisi, Sarah Silverman and Neil Patrick Harris.

Night Of The Living Deadpool: Review

Screenshot 2014-01-21 19.11.48  Night Of The Living Deadpool #1

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Ramon Rosanas

Letterer: VC’s Joe Sadino

Cover Artist: Jay Shaw

So if you know that it seems that zombies are popping out everywhere these days. Movies, TV, books, art, tattoos, hell I would not be surprise if you end up finding them on babies diapers soon.

Marvel is at it again with another adventure in the zombie world but this time with a single hero and not the whole Marvel universe. Everyone’s favorite merch with a mouth, Deadpool is the hero, oh god. Deadpool has been dancing around the Marvel universe from book to book like a new social disease. But a lovable social disease much like Wolverine.

After waking up from a food coma Deadpool finds himself alone in a restaurant. Everyone has gone, leaving the restaurant Deadpool finds a note saying that everyone has fled, leaving him locked inside for his protection. Deadpool enters the street and finds that everyone…everyone is gone. Looking back he did see the signs but was in his own world and did not noticed. Eventually Deadpool meets his first zombie and the fun begins.

KinkyDeadpoolLike any good Deadpool comic there is humor and we get it here. Not laugh out loud but a nice snicker here and their. The book is done in black and white and works.  The use of black and white pages of splashing blood gives it a nice effect The only color in the book is Deadpool and in flash backs. I like the effect and it is a nice touch giving it the look of the 1968’s  “Night Of The Living Dead”. Another interesting idea was giving the zombie the ability to speak but only the residual memories of their last thoughts before their death.

The same effect was used in a Doctor Who episode “Silence In The Library”. I have to think that writer Cullen Bunn maybe a fan. Cullen Bunn story is simple and a nice relaxing read and not a strain. Maybe over the next few books things may pick up some more speed. He does throw in bits of humor here and there but not the zany Deadpool that some of us have come to love.

The art work of Ramon Rosanas is major league stuff and enjoyable. Ramon art work is just another example of some of the amazing art work that is available in the comic world. I will keep a eye out for more of his work.

Overall the book is entertaining and worth the price.

So in the end I give “Night Of The Living Deadpool” a 3 3/4 pop out of 5.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.