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Movie Monday: Monsterbox

Welcome back to another Movie Monday and if this your first time, hello.

I found this lovely little short film called “Monsterbox”. Another film created for a end of studies project for computer graphics. This touching film was directed by Ludovic Gavillet Derya Kocaurlu, Lucas Hudson and Colin Jean-Saunier.

A little girl looking for a home for her pet monster comes to a shop to by one for her little pet. The shop owner seems a little reluctant to sell her one but did. He may have wished he had not.

Movie Monday: Runaway

Hey all and welcome again to another Movie Monday.

Today movie is from ArtFX Officiel called Runaway.

A old gas station attendant is having a nap when it is disturbed by a costumer. The costumer happens to be driving a huge piece of machinery and need a fill up. But thing do not go as planned for the customer and the station attendant.

Movie Monday: Project Shell

Hey all and welcome back to another Movie Monday. If you are still checking in and enjoying the short films and I finding then, Thank you.

Again I am happy to bring another amazing piece of work from Blow Studios. So sit back and enjoy.

Year 2086. Kate Sorin never imagined how volunteering herself as “base citizen” for Project Shell would determine her fate. The Western Confederation claimed that the creation of the cyber-clones would be the bridge to a free and equal society, without thinking that their human nature would fight against the role they were created for: to be slaves.
Soon began the riots. The clones started a rebellion, trying to escape using any means. To control outbreaks of violence and retrieve escaped units the Confederation created a specialized police unit, the CHD (Clone Hunter Division).
The individual 0258 escaped impersonating Kate, but everything went wrong and she saw herself forced to kidnap Kate´s daughter to survive, who died in the crossfire. Since that moment, Kate joined the CHD with a single goal, to find 0258 and avenge the death of his daughter.

Source: YouTube, The Cybros

Up For Another Wolverine Movie?

The-Wolverine-Superhero-Wallpaper Well boys and girls if you still love Wolverine and hoping for another movie you may get your wish. New from Deadline website is that Twentieth Century Fox have started negotiations with  James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman. The domestic performance of the last Wolverine movie did not do that well. The movie did do well over seas and with the combine total of 413 million Fox has decide that another maybe worth undertaking. That is enough money to make “The Wolverine” movie the second highest grossing X-Men film. So there.

Oh course I have heard many who said that it is time to either put the series to rest or get someone else to play Wolverine. HOW DARE YOU!!

Yes the movies have not been that great but they are still making money and I will still spend the cash to see it. Once they stop making money that will be the end. I am sure that soon after all the nerd boys and girls will be screaming “Why did they stop making superhero movies”. Stop your crying you nerds. Just sit back and have a fun time. Gee. Of course the ones that are tired of seeing Hugh Jackman, man your are quick to kick the man of the hill and crown a new Wolverine. Jackman is and will be the person people will see and be the one and only Wolverine. I am one of them. But if and or when he is replace I am sure that the nerds, geek and fandom boys and girls will spit on new guy just as quickly. We love to shoot down people that we praise just as quickly as we declare our love for that actor or actress.

Sorry for the rant.

But as of now one site has reported that it is a done deal. Well until I see another report saying that I am going with they are just in negotiations.

Soure: Deadline


Movie Mondays: The JockStrap Raiders

Hey all you movie/short film/animation lovers. Welcome back.

This time around I have a Student Academy Award Winning CGI short film from Mark Nelson. I can see why this film was nominated. Funny and touching at the same time this beautiful piece of CGI is worth a look. A group of misfits that can not meet the requirements of help fight for their country become the last hope for their nation.  The film is the work of UCLA Mark Nelson as his thesis project. This excellent piece has won many awards, including: Student Academy Award; Best Animation, British Animation Festival; Best Animation Macon Film Festival; Best Narrative Short GI Film Festival; Audience Award Orlando Film Festival.

The Jockstrap Raiders is a animated short film about a group of misfits during world war I. It takes place in Leeds, England where our heroes are all excluded from the war due to various abnormalities. Threatened by the invading German Kaiser and his army, they must learn to become a team and overcome their deficiencies in order to save Britain, and the world.

Source: YouTube, The Cgbros

So take a moment and take a look.

S.H.I.E.L.D. and Thor Come Together for November Sweeps

agents-of-shield-cover  Well Nerd and Nerdits it looks like what we were all waiting for is going to happen. But not as we like. The first of what maybe a long list of crossover like events be happening. As reported by Deadline/Hollywood Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D  will serve a promotional device for Marvel/Disney movies. Eleven days after the release of Thor: The Dark World the November 19th episode of S.H.I.E.L.D will continue were the movie leaves off. Agent Coulson and the Scooby gang, sorry wrong group. Well the gang is left to handle the clean up and with the possibility of one of the members life threaten. Well not really we know no one will die so there is no real tension. On a side note, Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek: TNG is the director. Oh yeah at this time no actors for Thor will be appearing.


Source: Deadline.

Movie Monday’s: Killzone Intercept

Hey Poppers

Once again I travel the road of YouTube to find you some interesting fan made short films. This time around I found another amazing piece of work done by the Six Foot Five Productions. Killzone Intercept.  Another film that takes a game franchise and expands on the world created for the game. This film was 2 years in the making and it shows. You can see that they took their time making this film and you can see that it was all put on film. The special affects and the details to the costumes are all amazing. The acting is great, excellent and not wooded like other productions out there. The direction by Brian Curtin is great and story written by Brian Curtin and Taylor Robinson shows that what we think is fun in games is hell in reality.

So take sometime and watch Killzone Intercept if you are a fan or not of the game, take a look.

“Killzone Intercept occurs before the events of Killzone 4 as the ISA evacuate Helghan. A small scout squad is called upon to stall a large group of approaching Helghasts that plan to cut off the ISA convoy from reaching the extraction point. Outnumbered, the squad takes on the task with hopes of getting everyone off the planet alive.”

Director: Brian Curtin
Writer’s: Brian Curtin and Taylor Robinson
Executive Producer: Taylor Robinson
Producer: Lisa Harris
Director of Photography: Jason Wallis
Casting: Hannah Francis
Produced by: Six Foot Five Productions

William: Russ Hobbie
ISA Heavy: Gerhard Mathangani
ISA Sniper: Michael Walters
ISA Rifleman: Don Cano
Mother: Shannon Hoppe
Helghast Commander: Kevin Wayne
Young William: Finn Steward
Tortured ISA Soldier: Cris Morriss
Helghast Soldiers: Ryan Whaley, Logan Huggins, Ben Moon, Kenny Glover
Helghast Sniper/Capture Trooper: Walt Thomas

Source: The YouTube Page